Companies using govCMS

govCMS is an open-source web content management system (CMS) specifically designed for the Australian government. It provides a secure and scalable platform for government agencies to create and manage their websites efficiently. govCMS is built on Drupal, a popular CMS framework known for its flexibility and robustness.

The primary goal of govCMS is to ensure consistency, accessibility, and compliance with government standards across all government websites. It simplifies the process of website development, allowing agencies to focus on creating and delivering valuable content to citizens.

By using govCMS, government agencies benefit from shared services, including hosting, security, maintenance, and ongoing updates. This reduces costs and allows agencies to leverage standardized components and features, ensuring a consistent user experience across different government websites.

govCMS also offers a range of modules and templates tailored to meet government requirements, such as accessibility standards and branding guidelines. It empowers government agencies to deliver information and services effectively to citizens while maintaining compliance with government policies and regulations.

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Using govCMS for finding leads

The list of companies using govCMS provides a definitive resource for identifying potential customers in the public sector. This curated register is as an invaluable tool for sales teams. It serves as an index of organizations invested in this technology, which is specifically designed for Australian government websites.

Potential leads found on this list are already convinced of the merits of using a secure, open-source content management system like govCMS, which reduces the time spent on initial qualification and product education typically needed in the sales process. It allows sales teams to focus more on tailoring solutions suitable to the unique needs of each lead, rather than on explaining the basic advantages of the technology.

Furthermore, the list can reveal patterns and trends about the industry sectors, organization sizes, and functional usages of govCMS, enabling sales teams to more accurately target their outreach and personalize their sales pitches.

For business strategists, this list provides a snapshot of current market share and penetration, helping to identify where growth opportunities may lie. For instance, if particular sectors are under-represented, these may represent areas for future sales expansion.

By leveraging this list, sales teams can strategize and prioritize their efforts more effectively, making the process of converting prospects into customers more efficient and successful. The presence of a company on this list indicates an existing commitment to the principles that underpin govCMS: accessibility, open-source code, security, and governmental compliance. This prior alignment can be a significant benefit in facilitating successful sales and marketing activities.

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