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Companies using GOV.UK Frontend

GOV.UK Frontend is a collection of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code that provides a common look and feel for UK government websites. It includes styles and components like typography, buttons, forms, error messages, and navigation menus that can be used by developers to build user interfaces that are consistent with the GOV.UK design patterns. This helps to ensure that users can quickly and easily find the information they need, regardless of which government website they are visiting.

GOV.UK Frontend is open source software that is maintained by the UK Government Digital Service (GDS). It is designed to work with modern web browsers and assistive technologies, like screen readers, to ensure that government websites are accessible to as many people as possible. Developers can install and use GOV.UK Frontend in their projects using a variety of methods, including npm, Yarn, or downloading the code directly from GitHub.

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812 companies are currently using GOV.UK Frontend


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