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GoKwik is a platform that aims to solve shopping experience issues on ecommerce websites. It provides a solution for faster and more secure payments, reducing cart abandonment rates and enhancing user experience. With its seamless integration into an e-commerce website, GoKwik allows customers to complete their transactions without leaving the site's interface. This feature removes the need for multiple redirects, which helps to reduce the overall payment process time. Additionally, GoKwik provides features that allow customers to save their payment details and shipping addresses securely for future transactions, reducing the need for repetitive data entry. Overall, GoKwik serves as a tool to streamline and simplify the online shopping process, making it more convenient and efficient for consumers.

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485 companies are currently using GoKwik



india's 1st brand infused..

68 Employees$44K - $23K$79K india54%Export


38 Employees$48K - $24K$64K india83%Export
Soulflower Co Ltd

wipro backed | india's fi..

79 Employees$44K - $2K$90K india9%Export
Bajo Foods

empowering 100 million in..

58 Employees$47K - $20K$60K india90%Export
Juicy Chemistry

a range of ecocert certif..

35 Employees$32K - $1K$53K india4%Export
Earth Rhythm

nature approved

79 Employees$47K - $31K$51K india46%Export

revolutionizing footwear ..

129 Employees$31K - $46K$95K india3%Export

skincare that works wonde..

106 Employees$6K - $45K$80K india34%Export
What's Up Wellness

making wellness fun and e..

15 Employees$24K - $3K$61K india

tap into a world of endle..

21 Employees$32K - $32K$80K india66%Export

your health & fitness par..

26 Employees$15K - $20K$58K india41%Export

making a statement throug..

54 Employees$42K - $37K$77K india89%Export

imagined by moms & made b..

144 Employees$29K - $43K$60K india1%Export

new age femme care brand

34 Employees$9K - $18K$75K india80%Export
Plum Goodness

india's first 100% vegan ..

194 Employees$7K - $22K$77K india66%Export

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Using GoKwik for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing GoKwik, a platform dedicated to enhancing the shopping experience on ecommerce websites, is a valuable resource for sales teams seeking new opportunities. This list provides an insightful look into businesses that are already benefiting from the advanced functionalities provided by GoKwik, demonstrating a commitment to better their ecommerce platforms and customer experiences.

An understanding of these companies' choices reflects their drive to leverage the latest technology in solving ecommerce issues, suggesting they may be open to other services or solutions that can further optimize their operations. Essentially, the list can function as a roadmap for sales teams to identify proactive and forward-thinking prospects.

The utility of this list extends beyond the initial lead identification. It also enables informed conversations where a sales team can reference understanding of the prospect's existing technological setup. In such a competitive market, the more information the sales teams have, the more tailored and impactful their sales strategies can be.

Moreover, this list may reveal patterns or trends of industries or sectors that find particular value in GoKwik's solutions. Sales teams can use this data to focus their prospecting efforts in these areas, making their approach more targeted and efficient.

In terms of account planning, this list can be a substantial aid. Sales teams can identify competitors of these companies, leading to a rich new vein of leads who might be interested in similar technological advancements to stay competitive.

In conclusion, the list of companies using GoKwik can be a goldmine for sales teams in finding promising leads. Its value is vast, as it aids in identifying potential leads, understanding their needs better, strategizing more effectively, and ultimately increasing the chance of successful conversion.

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