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Globo Form Builder is a Shopify app developed by Globo that allows users to create customizable contact forms for their Shopify store. With this app, users can easily build and edit forms without any coding skills. The app offers a range of form fields such as text boxes, dropdown menus, checkboxes, and more, which can be used to collect customer information, feedback, and inquiries. Additionally, it provides users with advanced features like conditional logic, file upload options, and Google reCAPTCHA for enhanced functionality and security. Globo Form Builder also offers flexibility in design customization, allowing users to match the look and feel of their forms with their store's branding. Once created, forms can be embedded on any page of the website or displayed as pop-ups. Overall, Globo Form Builder is a useful tool for businesses looking to streamline their communication with customers through user-friendly contact forms.

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4,406 companies are currently using Globo Form Builder



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Using Globo Form Builder for finding leads

The list of companies using Globo Form Builder, a renowned Shopify form builder app, presents significant value for sales teams in the pursuit of leads. This catalog serves as a meticulously curated database of businesses that leverage this cutting-edge technology to maximize their online contact forms.

The high value of this list is threefold:

1. Profiling Potential Leads Sales teams can gain insights into the type of organizations using the Globo Form Builder. This understanding can guide their strategies in profiling similar companies, thereby refining their target market.

2. Analyzing Technology Adoption The list aids in gauging the adoption rate of the technology, as well as the industries where its presence is most strongly felt. This data can inform sales teams about the saturation level of the technology in different industries.

3. Understanding Customer Needs In addition, the list can help in understanding the specific needs of these companies and why they chose this specific solution. This can help sales teams tailor their product or service to meet similar needs.

To harness these benefits, sales teams can interact with these businesses, identify what they like about the Globo Form Builder, and modify their sales pitch to highlight how their offering can address similar needs. By focusing on the satisfaction of these companies with the Form Builder, sales teams can identify areas where their product or service may add value.

Additionally, sales teams can use this list to identify potential gaps in the market that their product or service can address. They can approach businesses on the list that might benefit from their offerings, leading to potential sales and partnerships.

In sum, this list of companies using Globo Form Builder is a powerful tool and can greatly assist sales teams in their lead generation and prospecting efforts.

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