Companies using Airform

Airform is a tool designed to help front-end developers create functional HTML forms for use on websites and applications. It provides a set of pre-built form elements that can be easily customized and integrated into a website's design, allowing developers to save time and streamline the development process. Airform offers various form fields such as text input, dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, date pickers, and more, which can be styled using CSS classes or customized with JavaScript. This tool also includes form validation functionality, ensuring that user-submitted data meets specific criteria. Overall, Airform simplifies the process of creating HTML forms by providing a library of customizable pre-built form elements and reduces the need for manual coding.

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10 companies are currently using Airform


Digital Weave

unlock the power of digit..

3 Employees$40K - $42K$77K united states ..
Varhotec Oy

av installation services,..

1 Employees$11K - $12K$76K finland72%Export

one need, one solution

1 Employees$37K - $15K$65K france92%Export
ACE Import Group Oy

ajoneuvojen maahantuonnin..

2 Employees$32K - $8K$56K finland29%Export
Coral Software Developmen..

3 Employees$16K - $45K$95K -36%Export

2 Employees$9K - $42K$71K -44%
Play Bikes

- Employees$31K - $29K$99K australia29%Export
Samios Software Solutions..

ICT Consulting, Software ..

- Employees$34K - $29K$75K -45%Export
Play Bikes Workshop Cremo..

- Employees$19K - $41K$60K australia11%Export
Residencial Enseada Costa..

- Employees$23K - $6K$81K brazil32%Export

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Using Airform for finding leads

This page contains a valuable list of companies utilizing Airform, a tool essential for front-end developers focused on HTML form functionality. This list is a resourceful asset for sales teams, as it includes potential leads who have shown a direct interest in improving web development processes, especially where form handling is concerned.

Any company using Airform demonstrates an appreciation for streamlined, functional web development techniques, and as such, might be open to other tools or services that enhance their developmental process. This indication of potential receptiveness increases the quality of the referred businesses as leads, enhancing sales efforts.

Sales teams can leverage this list in several ways. For instance, by understanding a specific company's inclination towards improving front-end development, sales professionals can tailor their outreach, service offerings, or product pitches to these potential leads accordingly.

Additionally, the list provides insight into industry trends and the competitive landscape, useful for shaping a more effective sales strategy. Recognizing which sectors adopt Airform more extensively can help align services or products to market needs and adjust the sales approach to target similar companies effectively.

Finally, the list offers a chance for networking or partnership opportunities, as it gives visibility to like-minded companies actively exploring modern technologies for web development.

In summary, this list of companies using Airform is a lucrative resource for sales teams in search of high-quality leads in the front-end development sector. Information-rich and valuable, the use of this list can lead to improved sales outreach efforts, insight-based sales strategies, and potential partnership opportunities.

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