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Caldera Forms is a powerful and easy-to-use form builder plugin for WordPress. It allows website owners to quickly create and customize various types of forms, such as contact forms, surveys, registration forms, and more, without requiring any coding skills.

The plugin comes with a drag-and-drop interface that enables users to add and arrange fields, set conditional logic, and configure notifications and confirmation messages with ease. Caldera Forms also offers a range of pre-built templates and styles, which can be further customized to match the website's branding and design.

One of the key features of Caldera Forms is its flexibility and integrations. The plugin supports a wide variety of third-party services, such as payment gateways, email marketing tools, CRM systems, and more, through add-ons and extensions. This allows website owners to automate their workflows and streamline their business processes.

Moreover, Caldera Forms provides advanced features like multi-page forms, file uploads, calculations, spam protection, and more, that make it a versatile tool for creating complex forms. The plugin also offers detailed analytics and reports that help users track form submissions and monitor their performance.

Overall, Caldera Forms is a user-friendly and feature-rich plugin that helps WordPress users create high-quality forms that meet their specific needs. With its comprehensive functionality and customizable options, it's an ideal solution for businesses, bloggers, and anyone who wants to collect data and interact with their audience in a professional and efficient manner.

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10,947 companies are currently using Caldera Forms


Cadence Group

because your organization..

49 Employees$37K - $32K$76K united states ..18%Export
Tractor Beverage Co.

organically farmed bevera..

55 Employees$33K - $29K$54K united states ..13%Export
Clac Des Doigts

19 Employees$41K - $36K$100K france69%Export

australia's largest and f..

28 Employees$8K - $6K$97K australia22%Export
J. Stern & Co.

the value of long term in..

43 Employees$42K - $47K$57K united kingdom..47%Export
Advantage Private Home Ca..

private in home care beyo..

25 Employees$15K - $35K$90K united states ..97%Export

leader in the application..

93 Employees$18K - $3K$65K united states ..87%Export

catch the business wave

23 Employees$5K - $26K$97K france96%Export
Actuarial Careers, Inc.®

trusted by actuaries worl..

14 Employees$34K - $2K$98K united states ..40%Export
Fiorilli Construction, In..

delivering construction e..

31 Employees$3K - $33K$76K united states ..96%Export
Mj3 Partners, Inc.

mj3 brings excellence to ..

12 Employees$40K - $41K$87K united states ..7%Export

automating bookkeeping & ..

19 Employees$15K - $37K$67K united states ..38%Export
Endeavour Global

21 Employees$20K - $28K$74K united states ..84%Export

redefining agriculture tr..

41 Employees$19K - $20K$88K india69%Export
Gulfstream Communication

expérience intégrée, créa..

120 Employees$3K - $3K$81K france36%Export

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Using Caldera Forms for finding leads

A comprehensive list of companies utilizing Caldera Forms is of immense value to sales teams actively seeking new leads. Caldera Forms is a popular WordPress form builder plugin, which indicates that companies using this tool are engaged in web presence and likely value online user experience and engagement.

It's important to understand that this list can serve as a launching point for identifying potential prospects. Having a list of companies utilizing Caldera Forms allows sales teams to focus their efforts more efficiently. They can target businesses that already understand the role and significance of website management and user interaction, which might shorten the sales cycle.

Moreover, by understanding which companies use Caldera Forms, sales teams can make more informed estimations about these companies' technological needs. It provides some insight into the present state of the company's digital infrastructure, suggesting that the company may be open to exploring additional digital solutions that align with or enhance their existing setup.

The list's value isn't solely confined to direct lead prospecting either. It can also provide insights into industry trends, allowing sales teams to identify markets or sectors where Caldera Forms and similar technologies are prevalent. This deeper understanding may lead to greater strategic direction in finding new prospects and contribute to refining the sales pitch for better resonance with potential clients.

Finally, knowing who uses Caldera Forms means identifying not only potential clients but potential partners as well. Companies already utilizing similar technologies might be open to collaborations, ambassadorial relationships, or other mutually beneficial business arrangements. Hence, the presented list of using companies can be an invaluable resource for growth and expansion.

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