Companies using Gigalixir

Gigalixir is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) dedicated to the deployment of Elixir and Phoenix web applications. Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications while Phoenix is a web framework built with Elixir. Gigalixir bridges a gap in the Elixir ecosystem by providing specialized deployment services in the form of a fully managed cloud-based platform.

One of the fundamental features of Gigalixir is that it supports native clustering and distributed computing necessary for Elixir applications since Elixir runs on the Erlang virtual machine (BEAM), which has built-in support for distributed computing. Gigalixir makes it easy to leverage these features for production deployments. With Gigalixir, one can create, manage, and scale Elixir applications with minimal setup, and without the need of in-depth operational expertise.

In addition, Gigalixir provides a seamless zero-downtime deployment, ensuring that the deployment of new application versions does not interfere with the system's operation, thereby ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted user experience. The platform also supports hot upgrades which allow developers to push updates and patches to their web apps without a complete restart of the system.

Command-line Interface (CLI) tool or a web-based GUI can be used to interact with Gigalixir. The CLI tool is fully equipped which empowers developers to initialize, deploy, scale and manage their applications right from their terminal. Concurrently, the web-based GUI, while visually appealing, reduces the complexity of running commands on the terminal, making it more user-friendly, particularly to those new to command line deployment.

Gigalixir integrates with GitHub, allowing developers to automatically build and deploy their web apps whenever the master branch is updated in the connected GitHub repository. By taking advantage of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) best practices, teams can streamline their workflow and increase their development speed.

The platform offers resource management capabilities including the ability to scale applications horizontally (adding more instances) or vertically (adding more resources such as CPU or memory to each instance). Logs can be accessed and analyzed, and notifications can be set up to inform when specific events occur in the application.

Overall, Gigalixir is a powerful tool in the Elixir ecosystem providing essential services to run, monitor and scale Elixir and Phoenix web applications on the cloud. Applications of all sizes, from small startups to large scale enterprises, can benefit from the robust and developer-friendly features inherent to Gigalixir platform.

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Using Gigalixir for finding leads

This curated list of companies that use Gigalixir provides an invaluable resource to sales teams looking for leads, specifically, businesses seeking a robust Platform as a Service optimized for Elixir and Phoenix web app deployments. Sales teams can leverage the list to identify potential leads who are interested in Gigalixir's specific technology stack, making their prospecting more efficient by targeting companies with a proven interest in cutting-edge web infrastructures.

The list is broken down into company names, industry classification, technology stack, and other vital information that sales teams can utilize while researching potential leads. By understanding their prospective clients' technology utilization, sales teams can more easily offer tailored solutions, indicative of a more sophisticated sales approach that can increase conversion rates.

Furthermore, this list of Gigalixir users showcases the sheer scale and diversity of companies that are adopting this modern and innovative PaaS. This can be leveraged as a proof point of Gigalixir's popularity and reliability in the market, laying a strong foundation for sales pitches to potential clients.

Focused and strategic lead prospecting can aid in reducing time and resources spent on less promising leads, allowing sales teams to spend more time on high-probability target accounts. In the competitive and fast-paced landscape of web technologies, having such a tailored list of potential leads gives sales teams a definitive edge. In short, this list of companies could be the first step in building meaningful relationships with organizations looking for efficient web app deployment solutions.

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