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Fork Awesome is a community-driven open source project that is based on the popular Font Awesome icon set created by Dave Gandy. The project was initiated as a fork of Font Awesome in 2017, and it has since grown into a thriving ecosystem of icons and tools that are maintained by a team of dedicated contributors.

The main goal of Fork Awesome is to provide a comprehensive collection of high-quality icons that can be used in a wide range of applications, including web and mobile development, graphic design, and more. The icon set includes thousands of icons in various styles and categories, ranging from basic UI elements to more specialized symbols for specific industries and niches.

One of the key features of Fork Awesome is its use of modern web technologies, such as CSS and SVG, which make it easy to customize and integrate the icons into different projects. In addition, the project provides a range of tools and resources for developers and designers, including icon search and preview tools, code snippets, and documentation.

Overall, Fork Awesome represents a community-driven effort to build upon the success of Font Awesome and create a more inclusive, diverse, and accessible icon set for the modern web. Whether you're a developer, designer, or just someone who appreciates good design, Fork Awesome is definitely worth checking out.

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424 companies are currently using Fork Awesome



building african agribusi..

77 Employees$13K - $47K$76K united kingdom..10%Export
The Architectural Heritag..

transforming heritage

27 Employees$15K - $4K$68K united kingdom..58%Export

cabinet de recrutement in..

25 Employees$39K - $10K$62K france70%Export
Cyber Power Systems (USA)..

your ultimate ally in pow..

175 Employees$22K - $1K$84K united states ..26%Export

south asia's largest espo..

194 Employees$26K - $40K$55K india60%Export
Futurealiti Inc.

ideas into reality

29 Employees$26K - $33K$86K united states ..59%Export

mechanical spare parts wh..

33 Employees$25K - $20K$76K france66%Export

on-demand talent cloud, s..

53 Employees$20K - $34K$82K united states ..75%Export
Dragon Media Group BV

de kunst van het bouwen z..

6 Employees$46K - $12K$83K netherlands62%Export
Mazaya Real Estate Develo..

31 Employees$39K - $47K$68K qatar61%Export
AviaVox - Artificial Voic..

over 750.000.000 passenge..

31 Employees$4K - $28K$61K netherlands25%Export
Fashion Revolution USA

our mission is to educate..

22 Employees$41K - $40K$92K united states ..67%Export
Fashion Revolution

we believe in a fashion i..

327 Employees$4K - $31K$70K united kingdom..69%Export
NewU (A Dabur Enterprise)..

One Stop Destination for ..

96 Employees$47K - $12K$65K india64%Export

fourniture d'engrenages d..

71 Employees$30K - $39K$76K france76%Export

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