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Custom Fonts is a plugin for WordPress that enables users to embed custom font files, including woff2, woff, ttf, svg, eot, otf, into their website. This plugin makes it possible to use unique fonts on a website without the need to rely on standard system fonts. By uploading custom font files, users can achieve more creative and visually appealing designs that differentiate them from other websites. The Custom Fonts plugin simplifies the process of adding custom fonts as it eliminates the need to write CSS code or edit theme files manually. Additionally, this plugin reduces the risk of compatibility issues across different browsers and devices since it uses modern web technologies such as @font-face. Overall, using Custom Fonts can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a website and help create a consistent brand identity.

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30,511 companies are currently using Custom Fonts



breathe life into your da..

10 Employees$47K - $17K$70K united states ..46%Export
PUNCH Flybrid

energy stored, power deli..

30 Employees$14K - $38K$51K united kingdom..84%Export
ESCP Finance Society

helping students to break..

101 Employees$26K - $21K$89K united kingdom..88%Export
Voodle, inc.

makers of the voodle app...

5 Employees$13K - $2K$80K united states ..1%Export
Idol Image Consulting

you only get one chance t..

7,359 Employees$49K - $50K$64K united states ..94%Export

think tank europe action ..

15 Employees$5K - $27K$69K france64%Export
Volta US

machine-like with a human..

11 Employees$6K - $20K$98K united states ..3%Export
Scholarship Track

scholarship track is a on..

35 Employees$22K - $25K$75K united states ..73%Export
SpaceLab Detroit

detroit's premier shared ..

4 Employees$15K - $42K$50K united states ..14%Export
Funny Hands Media

funny hands™ ‘live’ telev..

13 Employees$44K - $32K$82K united states ..40%Export
WCB Robotics Inc

robots for what humans sh..

7 Employees$11K - $10K$77K india66%Export
Women & Sustainability

w&s is a columbia univers..

3 Employees$19K - $16K$88K united states ..20%Export
Rhino Marketing USA/Europ..

6 Employees$36K - $39K$95K united states ..80%Export
Eden Global Impact Group

1st company in the world ..

10 Employees$7K - $27K$66K united states ..15%Export

anesthesia and respirator..

4 Employees$4K - $16K$89K united states ..83%Export

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Using Custom Fonts for finding leads

The assemblage of companies using Custom Fonts on this page is a valuable resource for any sales team on the quest for potent leads. This finely-curated list symbolizes industry leaders realizing the power of distinctive typography in bringing their brand to life. Not only does it provide insight into the market acceptance of Custom Fonts, but it also reveals a potential client base seeking solutions for their web design and customization needs.

From small startups to established businesses, the adoption of Custom Fonts is evident across a broad spectrum of enterprises. By exploring this list, sales teams can identify potential clients who value high-quality web design aesthetics, seeking opportunities to update, maintain or enhance their graphic design elements.

The companies on this list appreciate the importance of brand expression and user experience, conveyed by their adoption of Custom Fonts. Peering into this list uncovers a pipeline of potential clients that could benefit from complementary products or services, like graphic design agencies, web design tools, content management systems, or even SEO services.

In sales prospecting, the list can be instrumental in creating targeted pitch strategies. It includes companies likely to value innovation, design, and brand uniqueness. Understanding this can help in crafting tailored approaches, resonating with their branding principles, and addressing their unique needs.

Additionally, the entities found on this page can serve as barometers for industry trends and practices. Their practices and attitudes towards investing in unique typography might signify larger market changes, useful for strategic planning and prediction. Furthermore, their presence can establish patterns in industry uptake for Custom Fonts, serving as valuable data for competitive analysis and marketing intelligence.

This unique assembly of enterprises also offers a channel for networking and partnership opportunities. Interaction with these businesses could foster relationships within the industry, leading to collaborative opportunities, discovering industry influencers, or identifying potential brand advocates.

This list paves the way for sales teams to maximise their lead potential, offering a clearer perspective on the market landscape, existing user base, and potential growth areas. Offering invaluable insight, it serves to help sales professionals in their journey to target, engage, and win over new clients.

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