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Font Awesome is a web development toolkit that provides a collection of scalable icons and fonts based on CSS and Less. It offers a wide range of icons that can be integrated into web applications or websites through the use of shortcodes or CSS classes. These icons can be styled and customized to suit the specific needs of any project. Additionally, Font Awesome also includes a library of customizable and responsive icons with a consistent design style. This makes it easy for developers to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces. The toolkit is regularly updated with new icons and features, and it is compatible with most web browsers and frameworks. Overall, Font Awesome is a valuable tool for web developers looking to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of their projects.

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3,663,426 companies are currently using Font Awesome


Health iPASS Inc.

better check-ins, better ..

41 Employees$20K - $47K$58K united states ..24%Export
AdQuick, the easiest ..

33 Employees$7K - $17K$98K united states ..90%Export

we simplify enterprise cl..

68 Employees$45K - $18K$55K united states ..47%Export
HomeTown Ticketing, Inc

HomeTown Ticketing is the..

167 Employees$36K - $19K$76K united states ..91%Export
Living Cities

a collaborative of founda..

44 Employees$41K - $19K$64K united states ..91%Export

crafting stories, buildin..

26 Employees$26K - $26K$62K united states ..49%Export

the ai-powered team trans..

97 Employees$36K - $13K$98K united states ..2%Export
L.A. Libations

taste tomorrow

34 Employees$27K - $40K$92K united states ..96%Export
Level 3 Design Group

recognized nationally as ..

29 Employees$15K - $38K$65K united states ..92%Export
Liquid Robotics

persistent seabed-to-spac..

84 Employees$4K - $8K$51K united states ..32%Export
CEI (Coastal Enterprises,..

building an economy that ..

139 Employees$39K - $3K$79K united states ..41%Export
RealWear, Inc.

free your hands. the lead..

122 Employees$4K - $14K$69K united states ..29%Export
Upfront Healthcare

guiding every patient to ..

119 Employees$31K - $25K$67K united states ..53%Export

developer tools to make d..

24 Employees$21K - $15K$86K united states ..76%Export
NextRNA Therapeutics

leading the next revoluti..

27 Employees$22K - $17K$57K united states ..82%Export

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Using Font Awesome for finding leads

This curated list of companies utilizing Font Awesome provides meaningful value for sales teams seeking potential leads in the field of web development and design. By accessing this list, sales professionals gain access to a focused group of organizations that prioritize quality user interface and visual elements in their digital applications, as suggested by their use of Font Awesome for their CSS and Less based icons and fonts.

The list serves as a strategic roadmap, highlighting companies using sophisticated web technologies. It becomes easier to target and streamline outreach efforts with this insight. Instead of casting a wide net and hoping for responses, sales teams can use this list to focus on these high-potential prospects that already understand and value advanced web toolkit solutions. This increases the probability of a positive response to tooling solutions, related products or services.

Further, being users of Font Awesome, these companies exhibit a commitment to improving end-user experience, an indicator of progressive thinking and an openness to new technologies. This makes them prime targets for sales teams offering products or services that help optimize or enhance web design, web performance, and overall user experience.

For sales teams tapping into the web technology industry, this is an invaluable resource providing a unique competitive advantage. This detailed profiling of companies aids in creating a tailored approach in initiating conversation, aligning sales pitches to the prospects' technological sophistication, and ultimately increasing the chances for prosperous engagements and conversions.

Hence, the list of companies using Font Awesome is a powerful tool, facilitating lead prospecting, driving more targeted outreach, and fostering successful client relationships in the web technology industry. It allows for smarter, strategic decisions, enriching the overall sales process.

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