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Fat-Free Framework is a lightweight web framework that allows developers to create web applications in PHP. It provides a powerful yet simple structure for building web applications, without the need for extensive configuration or heavy dependencies. Fat-Free Framework includes features such as routing, templating, database abstraction, and caching. It also supports RESTful API development and has built-in support for popular data formats like JSON and XML. Additionally, it offers easy integration with popular front-end frameworks like React and AngularJS. Fat-Free Framework is known for its high performance and low footprint, making it a popular choice among developers who want to build efficient and scalable web applications. It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, which separates an application's concerns into three distinct components: the data (model), user interface (view), and application logic (controller). This separation helps to manage complexity and maintainability of web applications.

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720 companies are currently using Fat-Free Framework


Dream Town Real Estate

we give our clients a per..

498 Employees$11K - $43K$67K united states ..30%Export
PANGEA The Travel Store

la tienda de viajes más g..

203 Employees$40K - $42K$94K spain97%Export
The Kerry Group

43 Employees$34K - $15K$67K united states ..99%Export
Certification Partners

changing lives and career..

28 Employees$23K - $13K$61K united states ..92%Export
SAGE Dining Services

defining the standard in ..

1,081 Employees$5K - $36K$80K united states ..4%Export
Nivell Publicitari

new digital solutions

49 Employees$45K - $30K$66K spain13%Export
Skilled Craftsmen of Texa..

industrial staffing servi..

13 Employees$45K - $29K$71K united states ..92%Export
Rapidle by Bakeronline

atteignez plus de clients..

6 Employees$40K - $2K$58K france9%Export

use airtory to deliver gr..

24 Employees$22K - $17K$88K united states ..29%Export
Maigrir 2000 : Manger mie..

manger mieux pour vivre m..

21 Employees$6K - $20K$84K france34%Export
BAFE Fire Safety Register..

bafe is the independent r..

24 Employees$35K - $41K$84K united kingdom..84%Export
JuteXPO Ltd.

sustainability in every t..

20 Employees$31K - $50K$63K united kingdom..19%Export
WERK3 Werbeagentur GmbH &..

23 Employees$16K - $28K$68K germany72%Export
IBH Executive

we find the right people

10 Employees$5K - $31K$67K united kingdom..12%Export

nigeria's premier health ..

44 Employees$20K - $12K$70K nigeria69%Export

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