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Elcom is a web content management and intranet portal software developed by Elcom Technology. It is built using Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL Server, which are widely used technologies for developing robust web applications.

Elcom provides a comprehensive set of tools that enable organizations to create and manage their websites, intranets, portals, and digital workplaces. The platform comes with a range of features such as customizable templates, intuitive navigation, user-friendly interface, workflow automation, content personalization, search functionality, social media integration, and responsive design.

With Elcom, businesses can easily manage their online presence, streamline internal communication, enhance collaboration, and improve employee engagement. It enables companies to create a centralized hub where employees can access important information, documents, and resources from anywhere and at any time. Additionally, the platform allows users to create and share content with ease, ensuring that everyone within the organization is on the same page.

Elcom also boasts robust security features to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations. It provides role-based access control, multi-factor authentication, encryption, and other advanced security measures.

Overall, Elcom is a powerful web content management and intranet portal solution that helps businesses create engaging, customized, and secure digital experiences for their employees, customers, and partners.

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119 companies are currently using Elcom


One Door Mental Health

one door, many opportunit..

159 Employees$11K - $13K$59K australia93%Export

proudly serving our membe..

167 Employees$49K - $34K$75K australia84%Export
William Roberts Lawyers

we are dynamic and innova..

68 Employees$15K - $18K$72K australia75%Export
St Margaret's Anglican Gi..

a local school with a glo..

217 Employees$9K - $31K$73K australia29%Export
Clayton Utz

confident, incisive and e..

1,701 Employees$10K - $26K$88K australia39%Export
Association of Superannua..

asfa is the peak policy, ..

85 Employees$24K - $21K$79K australia32%Export
Laissez-faire Catering

sydney's leading event an..

21 Employees$40K - $47K$57K australia98%Export
ALI Group (Australia)

since 2003 we've protecte..

62 Employees$29K - $26K$88K australia23%Export
Australian Trade and Inve..

we're matching australian..

1,398 Employees$3K - $46K$91K australia94%Export
St Vincent's Hospital Mel..

st vincent's cares. alway..

2,671 Employees$16K - $7K$54K australia100%Export
Country Fire Authority (C..

protecting lives and prop..

1,433 Employees$15K - $48K$85K australia72%Export

smarter safer greener liv..

28 Employees$49K - $40K$93K australia9%Export

award winning digital exp..

383 Employees$3K - $3K$65K australia96%Export
Viva Energy Australia

helping australians reach..

1,359 Employees$46K - $2K$70K australia68%Export
Krost Business Furniture

specialists in commercial..

69 Employees$1K - $27K$89K australia50%Export

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Using Elcom for finding leads

The list of companies on this page utilizing Elcom technology offers unique value and potential leads for sales teams. As a content management and intranet portal software written in Microsoft's ASP.NET and SQL Server, Elcom is utilized across various industries for digital efforts, ranging from websites, intranets, portals, mobile applications, and more.

This list represents a diverse range of businesses that have recognized the importance of digital transformation, implying that each organization on the list is always open to tools, services, or solutions that can help them improve and simplify their digital strategies. Therefore, they can be considered as potential leads for companies that offer products and services to support or enhance digital workflows and operations.

Sales teams can use this list to identify these potential leads, understand their unique needs, and tailor pitches based on the understanding that these businesses appreciate the value of robust digital tools like Elcom. With this knowledge in hand, sales teams can provide more effective outreach, leading to more relevant engagements and potentially higher conversion rates.

Furthermore, since the companies on this list already use Elcom's platform, this may reflect that these companies invest in, trust, and are satisfied with high-quality technology solutions. Therefore, they can be viewed as prime candidates for similar tech offerings, particularly those that complement Elcom's features or address gaps in its capabilities.

Overall, this list of companies using Elcom is an invaluable resource for sales teams seeking new, qualified leads. It provides a focused opportunity to engage with businesses already demonstrating a clear interest in and commitment to investing in high-quality technology solutions. By leveraging this information, sales teams can streamline their prospecting process, increase the relevance of their pitches, and ultimately improve their chances of success.

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