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EdgeCast was a content delivery network (CDN) provider that offered services to deliver digital content, such as videos and websites, to end-users quickly and reliably. The company was founded in 2006 and acquired by Verizon in 2013.

The main purpose of EdgeCast's CDN infrastructure was to reduce latency, improve website performance and ensure fast delivery of content to end-users. This was achieved through the use of a vast network of servers located around the world, which cached content and served it from the server closest to the end-user. As a result, the time it took for data to travel between the server and the end-user was greatly reduced, resulting in faster load times and a better user experience.

EdgeCast's CDN services were used by a variety of businesses across different industries, including media companies, e-commerce platforms, and gaming websites. In addition to its core CDN services, EdgeCast also provided security solutions to protect against DDoS attacks and other malicious activities.

Since EdgeCast was acquired by Verizon, its services have been integrated into Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS), which offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for delivering, managing, and monetizing digital content. Today, VDMS continues to offer an industry-leading CDN solution, along with a range of other services designed to help businesses succeed in the digital age.

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695 companies are currently using EdgeCast


Seagate Technology

a global leader for over ..

16,130 Employees$48K - $5K$99K united states ..73%Export
Sheet Music Plus

discover the world's larg..

48 Employees$33K - $9K$75K united states ..71%Export

lacie, the premium brand ..

167 Employees$33K - $46K$58K united states ..8%Export

128 Employees$42K - $25K$89K united states ..18%Export
Centro Porsche Barcelona

⚒️9000m² destinados a por..

66 Employees$23K - $34K$63K spain44%Export

connecting ideas with sol..

2,001 Employees$13K - $8K$89K united states ..22%Export
Porsche Motorsport North ..

porsche motorsport north ..

37 Employees$15K - $29K$62K united states ..81%Export
State Farm Agent

11,362 Employees$14K - $5K$63K united states ..77%Export
XO Communications

1,208 Employees$33K - $28K$60K united states ..33%Export
State Farm

join our community of goo..

99,968 Employees$34K - $33K$51K united states ..73%Export
Porsche Centre Downtown T..

toronto's original porsch..

31 Employees$20K - $50K$60K canada73%Export
Porsche Main Line

we defined premier.

53 Employees$2K - $23K$67K united states ..74%Export
Porsche Latin America, In..

driven by dreams

60 Employees$5K - $25K$83K united states ..47%Export
Centre Porsche Genève

orchid sports cars sa

35 Employees$32K - $47K$87K switzerland50%Export
Roll by ADP

roll by adp is a first-of..

10 Employees$11K - $28K$68K united states ..53%Export

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The compilation of enterprises adopting the EdgeCast platform serves as a tremendous resource for sales teams, regardless of their sector of interest. A content delivery network (CDN) like EdgeCast contributes to a vast and diverse industry clientele due to its ability to expedite and deliver static content globally. While this may seem highly specific, the needs that such a technology addresses span multiple sectors, making this list a valuable asset for lead prospecting.

Sales teams get a panoramic view of potential leads with this catalogue of companies utilizing EdgeCast. By analyzing the industry and company size, sales teams can delineate a clear profile of the type of businesses that could benefit from their offerings, be it related to CDN, network management, data services or beyond.

Moreover, the list serves as a credible source for reference clients. Should a sales team be dealing with skeptical prospects, these credible examples can reinforce trust. When potential customers see recognizable organizations benefiting from a similar service, they may be more inclined to consider the offered solution.

Lastly, established connections with companies on this list can lead to valuable introductions. The ability to get a warm introduction to a prospect through an existing client can drastically improve the chance of converting a prospect into a customer.

In essence, the wealth of knowledge provided by this list serves as a vital tool for sales teams targeting companies in need of CDN services. It is a beacon guiding prospecting efforts towards the most promising opportunities and serves as a foundation for compelling sales arguments and strategic networking.

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