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Deno Deploy is a distributed system that enables the execution of JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly at the edge locations globally. It allows developers to deploy their code to different locations around the world, which can reduce latency and improve user experience. Deno Deploy provides a secure runtime environment that runs code in sandboxes, limiting access to the network and file system, among other resources. This ensures that the code executed in Deno Deploy is secure and does not pose any security risks. Deno Deploy also provides features such as zero cold start and automatic scaling, meaning that your application will always be available and performant, even during high traffic periods. Developers can use Deno Deploy to build and deploy applications, microservices, and APIs, all while taking advantage of the global network of edge locations. The platform is built on top of Deno, a secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript, and leverages its features such as module caching and import maps.

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89 companies are currently using Deno Deploy



A secure runtime for Java..

70 Employees$4K - $42K$99K united states ..31%Export

the first true web platfo..

19 Employees$23K - $10K$84K france37%Export
S1SEVEN | Digital Materia..

automate, drive insights,..

7 Employees$36K - $41K$81K austria69%Export

most promising blockchain..

41 Employees$44K - $10K$99K india67%Export

fighting unplanned downti..

5 Employees$39K - $8K$87K germany63%Export
Frontside Software

frontside is a developer ..

7 Employees$24K - $1K$63K united states ..65%Export
eSolia Inc

rely on esolia to act as ..

7 Employees$48K - $28K$71K japan24%Export
Culinary Conservatory

procurement & placements ..

7 Employees$48K - $40K$59K united states ..67%Export
Netspective Communication..

5 Employees$23K - $14K$86K united states ..11%Export
Tar Heel Dev Studio

engineering rich user exp..

1 Employees$2K - $3K$84K united states ..13%Export
Les Films Pelléas

31 Employees$15K - $12K$72K france7%Export

introducing authenticity ..

3 Employees$35K - $43K$88K united states ..

quality saas and mvp deve..

4 Employees$41K - $27K$83K germany5%Export
Project Gravity

use our ai-enabled toolki..

5 Employees$21K - $20K$77K united states ..68%Export
Skidmore & Hall Co., L.P...

dynamic representation by..

6 Employees$22K - $2K$75K united states ..97%Export

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Using Deno Deploy for finding leads

This meticulously curated list of companies using Deno Deploy technology offers immense value in guiding sales teams to identify potential leads. By recognizing the wide variety of businesses that utilize Deno Deploy, sales representatives can better comprehend market trends, customer needs, and map a strategic approach that matches their product or service offering to the right prospects.

Deno Deploy is an advanced technology used to run JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly at the edge, on an international scale. Its high adoption rate speaks volumes about its ability to meet diverse business demands, presenting a rich pool of companies that understand and appreciate the potential of this technology.

Uncovering the range of companies that utilize Deno Deploy can provide important insights into their tech stack and operations. This information can serve as a valuable tool for sales teams to tailor their tactics, helping them to pitch their own products or services in a manner that demonstrates the comprehension of these companies' sensitivities and pain points.

Moreover, it can streamline the process of identifying the types of businesses that may have specific needs or challenges that their product or service can address. If a company is already using a tool like Deno Deploy, it may suggest they are open to other advanced technologies and solutions.

The list of companies using Deno Deploy will simplify prospecting. Instead of a time-consuming, broad sweep of general potential leads, sales teams can focus on a selected few that have a proven interest in groundbreaking technologies. This laser-focused approach can enhance the efficiency of lead conversion.

In summary, this list of companies using Deno Deploy is a valuable resource for sales teams. It signifies an opportunity to analyze and understand the state of the market and creates a clear path towards potential leads who are more likely to have a genuine interest in their offering.

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