Contentful is a content management platform that allows users to create, manage, and publish content on any digital channel. It is API-first, which means it provides a flexible and scalable approach for developers to interact with the CMS via APIs. With Contentful, users can easily organize content and assets within the system using a customizable content model. Additionally, Contentful offers tools for team collaboration, workflow management, and content localization, making it an ideal solution for businesses operating globally. The platform provides several integrations with third-party services to enhance its functionality and increase productivity. By separating content from presentation, Contentful enables teams to build better digital experiences with speed and ease. Its headless architecture allows users to deliver content to multiple channels such as websites, mobile apps, and connected devices. Overall, Contentful simplifies the content creation process while providing powerful tools for developers to build robust digital experiences.

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9,708 Companies using Contentful

Elo Health

smart nutrition

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we’re the uk’s leading ar..

140$24K - $48K$131K united kingdom..71%

creators of influxdb, the..

186$28K - $18K$65K united states ..65%
The Bank of London

reach further® with the b..

160$2K - $15K$17K united kingdom..83%

real, good food. for cats..

59$31K - $18K$248K united states ..81%
Vegan Food Club

real food, 100% plant-bas..

31$45K - $5K$91K spain79%

more exchanges, fewer ref..

262$18K - $25K$60K united states ..70%

empathy was created with ..

110$38K - $7K$96K united states ..100%

supply chain, fulfillment..

135$49K - $27K$71K france92%

at iwoca, we believe fina..

343$39K - $23K$117K united kingdom..100%

modern tax and accounting..

167$15K - $44K$76K united states ..18%

a social platform to achi..

8$35K - $19K$10K united states ..32%

clue is a period tracking..

174$19K - $13K$4M germany89%
Human Interest

affordable, full-service ..

769$19K - $2K$389K united states ..100%
Small Door

veterinary care reimagine..

138$16K - $30K$284K united states ..2%

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How to use Contentful

Contentful is a versatile content management system that allows you to create, manage and distribute your digital content across multiple platforms using its API-first architecture. Here are the steps to use Contentful:

  1. Sign up for an account on the Contentful website.

  2. Create a space: A space is a container for all of your content. It's where you will create, organize and publish your content.

  3. Define your content model: Once you have created a space, you can define your content model by specifying the fields and their data types that make up your content. For example, if you are building a blog website, your content model might include fields like blog post title, author, date, and body.

  4. Import or create content entries: After defining the content model, you can start creating content entries. You can either import existing content in various formats like CSV or JSON, or create new entries manually.

  5. Use the API to display content on your website: With the help of the API, you can retrieve and display your content on your website or application. You can use any programming language or framework with which you are comfortable to integrate the API into your project.

  6. Preview and publish your content: You can preview how content will look on different channels before publishing it. You can also schedule content publication to go live at a specific time.

Contentful also has a web app where you can manage your content, invite team members, review changes and collaborate on content creation. In summary, Contentful makes it easy and efficient to manage and distribute content across different digital channels with its user-friendly interface and powerful API.

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