67 Companies using Coaster CMS

Trant Engineering Ltd

439$30K - $24K$191 united kingdom..92%
Te-Tech Process Solutions..

te-tech process solutions..

22$50K - $27K$94K united kingdom..26%
Westway Coach Services Lt..

proud holders of a royal ..

14$30K - $35K$292 united kingdom..33%

the easy-to-use crm to sc..

9,562$20K - $44K$56K united states ..99%
HubSpot Academy

we aim to educate and ins..

102$15K - $45K$80K united states ..5%
Trant Engineering Ltd - A..

15$19K - $41K$191 united kingdom..92%
virtual staffing

augment your firm’s opera..

4$42K - $11K$62K united states ..72%
Lemonade (Coaching and Co..

when life gives you lemon..

1$19K - $43K$94K united kingdom..85%
Notariskantoor Theunissen..

uw mkb én dga specialist

4$41K - $2K$236 netherlands82%
Marine Matters UK Ltd

excellence is standard - ..

7$16K - $28K$10K united kingdom..2%
Family First Life Yellows..

insurance agency helping ..

5$39K - $44K$83K united states ..25%
Mills Brands

31$31K - $21K$0 australia100%
FLO interactive

the user experience archi..

5$6K - $44K$1K netherlands3%
Ace Liftaway Ltd

making waste work

17$19K - $30K$3K united kingdom..71%
Torrent do Brasil

Not just healthcare...lif..

444$34K - $24K$14K brazil15%

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How to use Coaster CMS

Coaster CMS is a free and open-source content management system built on top of Laravel, a popular PHP framework. Here are the steps to use Coaster CMS:

  1. Installation: You can install Coaster CMS either through Composer or by downloading the source code from GitHub. The detailed installation instructions can be found in the official documentation.

  2. Configuration: After the installation, you need to configure your database credentials in the .env file. You also need to configure your application URL and other settings in the config/app.php file.

  3. Creating Pages: With Coaster CMS, you can create pages using the built-in drag-and-drop page builder. You can add various types of content blocks such as text, images, videos, and forms to your pages. You can also customize the layout and design of your pages using CSS and JavaScript.

  4. Managing Content: Coaster CMS provides an intuitive interface to manage all your website's content, including pages, blog posts, and media files. You can easily add, edit, and delete content using the backend interface.

  5. Customization: Coaster CMS is highly customizable, and you can extend it according to your needs. You can create custom themes, plugins, and modules to add new functionality to your website.

  6. Security: Coaster CMS takes security seriously and provides several measures to secure your website against common attacks. It uses industry-standard encryption protocols and has features like CSRF protection, XSS filtering, and rate limiting.

In summary, with Coaster CMS, you can quickly create and manage a professional-looking website without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Its easy-to-use interface, powerful customization options, and robust security features make it a great choice for building websites of any size and complexity.

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