Companies using CloudCannon

CloudCannon is a sophisticated web development platform integrated with a content management system (CMS). Main purpose of such a system is to provide website creation and management facilities, that help developers and content creators in building and maintaining websites effectively.

As a web development platform, CloudCannon offers a JAMstack environment. "JAMstack" stands for JavaScript, Application Programming interface (APIs), and Markup, the three core components of modern web development. Apart from providing a hearty interface for coding in these languages and technologies, CloudCannon is built to support static site generators such as Jekyll, Hugo, and Eleventy.

Static sites offer improved performance, security and easier scalability, which makes the platform a preferred choice for many developers. Moreover, CloudCannon provides an optimal environment for developing, testing, and deploying code, streamlining the entire web development process. This eliminates the need for managing several different tools or services. Additionally, it offers version control through close integration with Git, a widely-used version control system among developers.

On the content management side, CloudCannon offers a simplistic and intuitive interface for users to manage and update their website's content. The built-in visual editor allows for in-context editing of web pages, delivering an on-page, real-time editing experience that's intuitive for non-technical users. Essentially, the complex code is replaced with user-friendly content blocks, which can be edited, moved, or deleted with simple clicks and drags.

CloudCannon also offers cloud hosting features. The websites developed and managed on it are automatically hosted on the platform's cloud servers, ensuring robust performance and availability. These out-of-the-box hosting capabilities save developers from the need of managing their own servers or working with a separate hosting provider.

In summary, CloudCannon is a comprehensive solution for web development tasks. It supports coding in modern web languages, managing content with an easy-to-use editor, using static site generators for creating performant websites, and it automatically hosts those websites, ensuring that they are accessible over the internet. CloudCannon has been designed to streamline the lifecycle of website creation, from development to deployment. All these features and advantages make CloudCannon a beneficial tool for both the technical and non-technical people involved in managing a website.

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539 companies are currently using CloudCannon



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Using CloudCannon for finding leads

The collection of companies using CloudCannon, a prominent web development platform and content management system (CMS), on this page holds immense value for sales teams. By offering a vast selection of potential customers who are knowledgeable about web technologies and already understand the benefits CloudCannon provides, this list becomes a potent tool for lead prospecting.

Accessing this information enables sales teams to proactively identify, reach out to, and communicate with businesses that have the potential to be interested in similar technologies or complementary services. For companies selling web development services, CMS solutions, web design tools, or related offerings, this list provides a finely honed target to aim their efforts at.

The list can serve as a cornerstone for tailoring personalized sales strategies. By researching these companies, understanding their usage of CloudCannon, and unveiling their specific needs, sales teams have access to valuable insights. Thus they can develop tailored interaction strategies to increase engagement rates, improve quality of lead capturing, and ultimately lead to better conversion rates.

In addition, knowing that a company is utilising CloudCannon suggests their likely investment in web technologies, making them a promising prospect for further technology adoption. Companies on this list are not just leads, they're educated leads with a high potential of needing and understanding the value of tech services and solutions - a distinct advantage to sales teams.

To illustrate, a sales representative with this list could approach a potential lead with:

"Hi [Prospect's Name], Our company offers [your service/product], which has shown to work well with CloudCannon's CMS capabilities. Given your usage of CloudCannon, we believe that our [service/product] could provide substantial benefits and efficiencies to your online presence. Would [their company name] be interested in learning more about how we can complement your current tech stack?" Best, [Your Name]

In this way, this list not only enables sales teams to identify potential leads but also provides a context to engage in meaningful conversations, accelerating the journey from prospecting to closing a deal.

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