9 Companies using Ckan

MobiData BW

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3$35K - $36K$63K germany36%
LA Counts

-$17K - $4K$0 united states ..34%
Wisconsin Geological & Na..

Understanding the earth. ..

29$15K - $33K$72K united states ..29%
Open Data Pakistan

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3$19K - $46K$93K pakistan4%
Justice Hub

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-$27K - $19K$96K india29%

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programa bec.ar

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-$8K - $27K$61K -28%

How to use Ckan

CKAN is an open-source data management platform designed for the publication, sharing, and usage of open data. Here are the steps to use CKAN:

  1. Install CKAN: You can download and install CKAN on your local machine or server. To set up CKAN, follow the installation guide available on the CKAN website.

  2. Create a user account: Once you have installed CKAN, you need to create an account to access its features. You can do this by clicking the "Register" button on the CKAN homepage and filling in the required details.

  3. Publish datasets: After creating an account, you can publish datasets by clicking on the "Add Dataset" button on the CKAN homepage. You will be prompted to enter metadata about your dataset, such as the title, description, tags, and the license type.

  4. Manage datasets: CKAN allows you to manage your datasets, including editing, deleting, and updating the metadata. You can also add resources such as data files, images, and videos to your datasets.

  5. Search for datasets: CKAN has a search feature that enables users to find datasets based on keywords, tags, and categories. You can use the search feature to find relevant datasets for your projects.

  6. Use APIs: CKAN provides APIs that allow you to access and interact with datasets programmatically. You can use APIs to retrieve data from CKAN, automate tasks, and integrate CKAN with other applications.

  7. Customize CKAN: CKAN is highly customizable, and you can modify its design, functionality, and features to suit your needs. CKAN uses plugins to extend its capabilities, and you can write custom plugins to add new features.

In conclusion, CKAN is a powerful data management platform that enables you to publish, share, and use open data. By following the above steps, you can use CKAN to manage your datasets, search for relevant data, and access data programmatically using APIs.

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