Chorus is a comprehensive platform designed specifically for contemporary media organizations. It encompasses all aspects of publishing, audience engagement, and revenue generation, offering a one-stop solution for all the needs of such companies. The platform provides numerous tools and features for content creators to publish their work, while also providing options for audience engagement through comments, feedback, and social media integration. Additionally, Chorus includes monetization features that allow publishers to earn revenue from their content through various means, such as advertisements and sponsorships. By combining these different components into a single system, Chorus streamlines the entire process of creating and distributing digital content. It allows publishers to focus on crafting engaging content, while the platform takes care of the rest. Overall, Chorus empowers media companies by providing them with an efficient and effective way to manage their online presence and generate revenue.

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37 Companies using Chorus

The Ringer

126$15K - $47K$61K united states ..94%

15$42K - $14K$309K united states ..30%

our world, explained.

235$27K - $30K$56K united states ..69%

recode by vox: uncovering..

434$49K - $36K$69K united states ..35%
SB Nation

943$17K - $47K$7M united states ..67%

51$34K - $28K$33M -16%
Rollin Trailer Rental & L..

Rollin Trailer is the nat..

-$38K - $45K$0 united states ..56%
Intelligence Service Part..

-$17K - $9K$74K singapore54%

179$36K - $9K$74K netherlands52%
Testudo Times

Award-winning publication..

11$19K - $43K$88K -95%

-$22K - $47K$75K -84%
Inside Northwestern

1$47K - $37K$67K -56%
Inside NU

A Northwestern Wildcats C..

22$31K - $37K$90K united states ..77%
Seattle Supersonics

8$43K - $43K$34K united states ..63%
Barking Carnival

-$30K - $19K$18K united states ..89%

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How to use Chorus

Chorus is a comprehensive platform designed for modern media companies to manage their publishing, audience, and revenue needs. Here are some steps on how you can use Chorus:

  1. Sign up and create an account on Chorus.
  2. Once you have your account, you can start creating content through the platform's content management system (CMS). You can write articles, upload videos, and create podcasts using the Chorus CMS.
  3. With Chorus, you can also manage your publication's social media accounts, and promote your content across different platforms.
  4. The platform also allows you to interact with your audience by enabling comments on your articles and providing analytics about your audience's engagement with your content.
  5. Chorus also offers revenue management tools that help you monetize your content. You can set up advertising campaigns, sponsorships, and subscriptions for your viewers to generate revenue for your business.

Overall, Chorus provides a complete suite of tools for modern media companies to manage their entire workflow from content creation to revenue generation. By using Chorus, you can streamline your operations and focus more on creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience.

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