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Cendyn is a content management system that focuses on the hospitality industry. It was previously known as NextGuest. The primary aim of Cendyn is to provide hotels and resorts with a platform to manage their online content, including websites, emails, and social media. Cendyn provides tools for hoteliers to create and publish content easily, personalize communication with guests, and track their performance. The platform offers features such as website design templates, email marketing, booking engines, data analytics, and loyalty programs to help hotels maximize their bookings and revenue streams. With Cendyn, hotels can enhance their guest experiences, improve their brand reputation, and streamline their operations by automating various tasks.

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148 companies are currently using Cendyn



creating safe agi that be..

2,296 Employees$19K - $6K$87K united states ..40%Export
COMO Castello Del Nero

a historic castle where c..

67 Employees$14K - $24K$85K italy53%Export
Ledgestone Hospitality

hotel management above th..

28 Employees$22K - $18K$57K united states ..53%Export
Ayres Hotels

a boutique collection of ..

243 Employees$11K - $7K$66K united states ..35%Export

san diego's unforgettable..

71 Employees$19K - $13K$69K united states ..42%Export
Hotel Max

40 Employees$4K - $3K$55K united states ..92%Export
Huntley Santa Monica Beac..

surrounded by vibrant cit..

59 Employees$12K - $47K$100K united states ..86%Export
Ktalent by Karisma

experts transforming and ..

19 Employees$50K - $46K$56K mexico47%Export

139 Employees$23K - $12K$65K united states ..93%Export
Viceroy Hotels and Resort..

959 Employees$28K - $3K$76K united states ..10%Export
AKA Hotels+Hotel Residenc..

the world's most livable ..

838 Employees$13K - $49K$56K united states ..75%Export
The Envoy Hotel, Marriott..

Marriott Autograph Collec..

41 Employees$5K - $21K$62K united states ..9%Export
COMO Hotels and Resorts

handcrafted hotels and lu..

1,356 Employees$28K - $28K$93K singapore36%Export
Acqualina Resort & Reside..

elegance on the beach

210 Employees$8K - $13K$63K united states ..6%Export
Provenance Hotels

illuminating originals

72 Employees$47K - $49K$70K united states ..60%Export

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Using Cendyn for finding leads

This curated list of companies using Cendyn serves as an invaluable resource for sales teams. Primarily, it helps identify potential leads in the hospitality sector who value cutting-edge web solutions, as these companies have already adopted Cendyn's specialized content management system (CMS).

One critical advantage of this list lies in its specificity—it deals exclusively with the hospitality industry. Therefore, sales teams targeting this sector can save valuable time and resources as they do not have to sift through irrelevant industries.

Additionally, pinpointing companies that actively use Cendyn elucidates their commitment to innovative technology in the hospitality sector. Sales teams can contextualize this information and better strategize their pitches to offer complementary or competitive solutions and products.

Furthermore, changes in the list over time may hint at industry trends and shifting preferences around web technologies in the hospitality domain. Periodic analysis of this list could provide foresight and strategic advantages that ultimately boost the effectiveness of prospecting efforts.

Finally, studying the position and progression of a company within this list may yield insights into their IT decision-making processes. Thereby refining understanding of the priorities and preferences that influence their choice in technology, which could be used to tailor approaches and proposals.

In summary, the value of this list is multi-fold, providing strategic insights and targeted lead information for sales teams involved in the hospitality sector. It plays a pivotal role in lead generation, strategy formulation, trend analysis, and understanding IT decision-making behavior. While direct prospecting is an obvious use, the subtle analysis this list enables should not be underestimated as well.

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