CDN77 is a content delivery network (CDN) that helps web-based businesses accelerate their online content and deliver it to users worldwide. A CDN is a geographically dispersed network of servers that act as intermediaries between the web server hosting the content and the end-users requesting it. CDN77 offers a variety of advanced features and tools designed to optimize website performance, improve security, and enhance user experience. These include advanced caching and optimization protocols, real-time analytics, SSL encryption, DDoS protection, and more. With over 40 data centers located around the world, CDN77 ensures fast and reliable content delivery to users in any location. Its global presence also allows for greater redundancy and scalability, ensuring that websites can handle large traffic spikes without downtime. CDN77's platform is highly customizable and scalable, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. It supports a wide range of content types, including static and dynamic assets, streaming media, and APIs. Overall, CDN77 provides an essential service for businesses seeking to provide fast, reliable, and secure access to their online content. By leveraging its powerful network infrastructure and advanced optimization tools, businesses can ensure that their websites perform at their best, even during times of high traffic or peak demand.

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32 Companies using CDN77


we help the world’s most ..

74$21K - $5K$81K united kingdom..98%

mittendrin mit sport1, de..

317$46K - $40K$54K germany86%
SAPPHIRE Technology

delivering new ideas and ..

87$27K - $33K$383K united states ..9%

excellence in hot water.

13$18K - $19K$43K united kingdom..83%
ACV International

excellence in hot water

87$10K - $5K$43K belgium83%
DataCamp Limited

delivering internet traff..

8$19K - $6K$25K united kingdom..98%
ACV France

Le spécialiste de l'eau c..

21$40K - $41K$43K france83%
AirBridgeCargo Airlines L..

we deliver cargo worldwid..

288$45K - $16K$34K russian federa..77%
Atlantica Hotels & Resort..

live the atlantica experi..

627$18K - $22K$70K cyprus79%
Watteam Ltd.

3$37K - $29K$0 united states ..86%
ACV España, especialistas..

Excellence in hot water |..

9$43K - $46K$43K spain83%

der digitale weg ins herz..

5$32K - $39K$512 germany27%
E-Book Systems

19$40K - $16K$17K singapore57%

-$37K - $3K$88K australia94%

2$13K - $10K$24K -93%

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How to use CDN77

CDN77 is a content delivery network (CDN) that can help you deliver your website's contents faster to the end-users. Here are some steps to use CDN77:

  1. Create an account: To start using CDN77, create an account on their website by signing up. Once you have an account, you can access all the features of CDN77.

  2. Add your website: After creating an account, add your website by entering its URL in the dashboard. CDN77 will provide you with a new URL to use as a CDN. You can use this URL to serve your website's assets like images, videos, and other files.

  3. Integrate CDN: Integrate CDN77 with your website by modifying your website's code. You can use plugins or extensions provided by CDN77 to integrate it easily. The integration process may differ depending on your website's platform, such as WordPress or Magento.

  4. Configure settings: After integration, configure the CDN77 settings according to your website's requirements. You can set the cache settings, SSL certificates, security rules, and other parameters.

  5. Test and Verify: Once the configuration is done, test and verify if the CDN77 is working correctly. Check whether the assets are being served from the CDN or not. You can use tools like Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights to check the loading speed of your website.

  6. Optimize: Optimize your website for better performance by optimizing the assets like images, videos, and scripts. Use compression, minification, and lazy loading techniques to reduce the size of the assets and improve the loading speed.

  7. Monitor: Monitor the performance of your website continuously by using the analytics provided by CDN77. You can analyze the data to identify the bottlenecks and optimize your website accordingly.

By following these steps, you can effectively use CDN77 to improve your website's performance and provide a better user experience to your visitors.

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