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Business Catalyst was a web platform that enabled businesses to build and manage their online presence. It was introduced by Adobe in 2009 and provided a comprehensive set of features, including website creation tools, customer management systems, e-commerce functionality, email marketing tools, and analytics.

The platform was designed to be an all-in-one solution for small and medium-sized businesses that needed a professional-looking website without the technical expertise required to build one from scratch. Business Catalyst offered pre-built templates that could be customized using a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to create a unique website.

One of the key benefits of Business Catalyst was its integration with Adobe's Creative Suite, which allowed designers to use their preferred design software, such as Photoshop or Dreamweaver, to create custom designs for their websites. The platform also had built-in SEO tools to help businesses improve their search engine rankings.

In addition to website creation tools, Business Catalyst offered customer management features, including contact forms, lead tracking, and customer segmentation. It also included e-commerce functionality, allowing businesses to sell products and services directly from their website.

However, Adobe announced the end-of-life for Business Catalyst in 2018, with the platform officially shutting down in March 2021. Existing customers were given time to migrate their websites to other platforms, and Adobe provided resources and support to help with the transition.

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682 companies are currently using Business Catalyst


Oncternal Therapeutics

clinical-stage oncology c..

33 Employees$14K - $31K$64K united states ..12%Export
Marathon Fitness

✮marathon fitness ✮fitnes..

51 Employees$10K - $2K$69K united states ..87%Export

making buildings smarter...

35 Employees$2K - $35K$94K united states ..
Plus One Recruitment

bringing people and jobs ..

5 Employees$4K - $3K$86K united kingdom..58%Export
Orthopedic Physicians Ala..

orthopedic surgeons and o..

104 Employees$17K - $39K$62K united states ..56%Export
Splash Omnimedia

marketing just got easier..

32 Employees$4K - $22K$96K united states ..92%Export
Evolution Sport

69 Employees$11K - $12K$75K united kingdom..36%Export
Pioneer Homes Florida

home builder - land devel..

3 Employees$2K - $42K$65K united states ..45%Export
Velocitor Solutions

we're mobile experts

147 Employees$13K - $49K$55K united states ..64%Export
Hoosier Logistics, LLC.

leading the way. deliveri..

23 Employees$48K - $42K$70K united states ..90%Export
Fitzroy IT

digital agency in melbour..

22 Employees$14K - $41K$62K australia21%Export
Coastal Staffing Services..

we work for you! global ..

95 Employees$29K - $7K$52K united states ..38%Export
TexStar Chiropractic

a more complete approach ..

7 Employees$37K - $13K$78K united states ..94%Export
GBRW Expert Witness Limit..

a specialised practice pr..

6 Employees$18K - $15K$61K united kingdom..58%Export
Wal Machine

specializing in machining..

12 Employees$41K - $44K$85K united states ..9%Export

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Using Business Catalyst for finding leads

The value of this list, which comprises companies utilizing the Business Catalyst technology, is fundamental to lead generation and prospecting strategies of sales teams. It provides a bank of potential clients who understand the significance of modern web technologies, demonstrating their commitment to optimizing their online capabilities.

This curated list aids sales teams by providing immediate access to companies invested in their digital infrastructure. These are firms that value an all-in-one solution for building and managing business websites, making them ideal targets for relevant technology solutions, especially those complementary to Business Catalyst.

Some companies might be looking for new services or tools to strengthen their existing Business Catalyst implementations. Others could be seeking alternatives given Adobe's decision to discontinue the Business Catalyst platform. Either way, companies on this list have already shown an interest in this type of technology, signaling potential receptiveness to similar offerings. This could result in higher conversion rates and shortening the sales cycle.

In addition, with the specificity of this list, sales teams can tailor their communication strategies. Understanding a prospect's current technology use allows for more focused, solution-oriented pitches, which can significantly enhance engagement and conversion.

Finally, the list is a valuable tool for market research. Sales teams can identify industry trends, evaluate the competition, and understand the size and composition of the market segment interested in comprehensive website solutions like Business Catalyst.

In summary, the list of companies using Business Catalyst serves as a targeted starting point for sales teams -- creating a pre-filtered pool of leads showing affinity towards robust website solutions, aiding in the development of effective engagement strategies, and offering valuable market insights.

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