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Buildertrend is a web-based project management software designed specifically for construction professionals. It enables contractors, subcontractors and owners to collaborate on projects by providing tools for scheduling, budgeting, communication, document management, project tracking, change orders, and more. Buildertrend also offers features such as customer relationship management, payment processing, and reporting that can streamline business operations for construction companies. The software supports mobile devices, allowing users to access project information from anywhere, at any time. Additionally, Buildertrend provides training, support, and ongoing updates to ensure that its users have the tools they need to manage their construction projects efficiently. Overall, Buildertrend aims to simplify construction project management by providing an all-in-one solution that can help users save time, reduce costs, and improve collaboration.

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626 companies are currently using Buildertrend


WORKS by Jesse DeBenedict..

we build trust. we build ..

17 Employees$26K - $7K$66K united states ..5%Export
Hudson Construction Servi..

we are a full-service gen..

66 Employees$7K - $44K$99K united states ..54%Export
Amiano & Son Construction..

save the time you deserve..

18 Employees$5K - $24K$62K united states ..87%Export
Beattie Development

stop dreaming... start li..

42 Employees$24K - $46K$70K united states ..12%Export
Houck Construction, Inc.

delivering dream environm..

20 Employees$2K - $37K$60K united states ..89%Export
Cabinet Genies, inc

13 Employees$31K - $9K$65K united states ..83%Export
SETEX Construction Corp.

strength in construction

15 Employees$30K - $32K$83K united states ..70%Export
BBG Construction

8 Employees$46K - $42K$57K united states ..52%Export
Vista Impact Windows & Do..

south florida’s premier i..

6 Employees$40K - $2K$51K united states ..58%Export
Rise Construction

we are true builders

29 Employees$21K - $5K$58K united states ..15%Export
American Sealants, Inc (A..

world-class water feature..

26 Employees$29K - $10K$78K united states ..54%Export
TK Maintenance

whether you're a home/bus..

8 Employees$30K - $35K$90K united states ..35%Export
CORNERSTONE Contracting C..

imagine your home's possi..

9 Employees$24K - $15K$72K united states ..36%Export
Bovard Studio, Inc.

professionally restored a..

28 Employees$17K - $9K$96K united states ..41%Export

we make renovating easier..

14 Employees$14K - $20K$95K united states ..33%Export

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Using Buildertrend for finding leads

This meticulous collection of companies leveraging Buildertrend provides a rich target market for sales teams hunting for potential leads in the construction industry. The list is incredibly valuable, not just as a directory of contacts, but as a map that indicates levels of technology adoption within this sector.

It paints a revealing picture of those careful to keep abreast of tech advancements, like Buildertrend, to optimize their operations and address prevailing construction project management challenges. As a sales team, this demonstrates alignment with organizations that value and implement modern solutions, ensuring effective targeting and mutually rewarding engagements.

Moreover, understanding the specific needs catered to by Buildertrend, sales teams can refine their propositions to address similar problems or complement the existing solutions with their products or services. Potential offerings could span areas like advanced analytics tools, upscaled security solutions, or integrated communication systems that amplify the benefits of Buildertrend.

Furthermore, the acquired knowledge about a potential lead's technology stack can be instrumental in crafting customized pitches that resonate. For example, selling into these companies could involve positioning a product as a perfect companion to Buildertrend. This added insight ignites effective conversations, fostering relationships that result in significant sales and profitable partnerships.

The Buildertrend user list also helps to identify market trends and insights to inform strategic decision-making. Trends in adoption and usage among certain company sizes, niches, or geographic locations can hint at potential opportunities or underline shifts in market demands. Recognizing these patterns empowers sales teams to tailor their strategies and resources, sparking growth and forging industry-leading positions.

In sum, this comprehensive list of Buildertrend users offers an extensive gateway for exploring new business relationships, capitalizing on deep market understanding, and unlocking a wealth of opportunities in the technology-forward construction industry.

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