BrightInfo is a software tool designed to personalize website content based on the interests and behavior of individual visitors. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze visitor data such as page views, search queries, and click patterns to identify each visitor's interests and preferences. Then it recommends personalized content that matches their specific needs or interests in real-time. This personalization increases engagement rates, reduces bounce rates, and ultimately improves conversions by providing a more relevant user experience. BrightInfo can integrate with various marketing automation platforms and content management systems to deliver the personalized content seamlessly across all channels. With BrightInfo, businesses can automate the process of delivering relevant and engaging content to their audience, freeing up time to focus on other marketing activities to grow their business.

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21 Companies using BrightInfo

Leadership IQ

award-winning leadership ..

5$26K - $37K$60K united states ..93%
ItemMaster (now Syndigo)

right data. right now

13$46K - $36K$0 united states ..23%

29$22K - $47K$98K united states ..81%
Sunrise Signs

Fleet and Facility Brandi..

10$43K - $18K$15K united states ..84%

16$5K - $33K$93K united states ..84%
The Creative Momentum

15$46K - $40K$36K united states ..71%

Next-generation managed p..

33$29K - $17K$1K united states ..47%

3$20K - $10K$6K israel86%
Too Cool T-Shirt Quilts

11$50K - $38K$14K united states ..83%
Triumph Strategic Consult..

Integrating Talent. Techn..

3$28K - $45K$58K united states ..92%
Kwikee, a Syndigo Company..

54$14K - $44K$65K united states ..86%
Northern Engraving

excellence in manufacturi..

211$7K - $12K$68K united states ..29%

Marketing & Ideas to buil..

8$30K - $35K$129 australia71%
Optimize 3.0

HubSpot Diamond agency pa..

1$34K - $18K$16K united states ..91%
Wexley Consulting

-$33K - $40K$0 united states ..71%

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How to use BrightInfo

BrightInfo is a tool that helps you personalize the content shown to your website visitors. Here are the steps to use BrightInfo:

  1. Sign up for BrightInfo: You can sign up for BrightInfo's services by visiting their website and signing up for an account.

  2. Install the BrightInfo script on your website: After creating your account, you will be prompted to install the BrightInfo script on your website. You can do this by copying and pasting the code provided by BrightInfo into your website's HTML code.

  3. Configure your personalization settings: Once you have installed the BrightInfo script, you can configure the personalization settings for your website based on your needs. This includes setting up targeting rules, customizing the look and feel of the personalized content, and defining the triggers that activate the personalization.

  4. Create personalized content: With the BrightInfo tool, you can create personalized content that is displayed to your website visitors based on their browsing behavior, interests, and other factors. You can create different types of personalized content, including banners, pop-ups, and more.

  5. Monitor and analyze your results: Finally, you can monitor and analyze your personalized content performance using BrightInfo's analytics dashboard. This will provide you with insights into how well your personalized content is performing and help you make adjustments to improve its effectiveness.

By following these steps, you can use BrightInfo to deliver personalized content to your website visitors and improve engagement and conversions on your website.

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