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Companies using Breadcrumb NavXT

Breadcrumb NavXT is a WordPress plugin that helps users navigate through a website by providing a breadcrumb trail. A breadcrumb trail consists of links showing the hierarchy of pages or categories leading to the current page or post. It allows users to easily see where they are on the site and to quickly navigate back to previous pages.

The plugin is compatible with WordPress versions 4.9 and up and can be installed and activated like any other WordPress plugin. Once activated, it automatically adds the breadcrumb trail to the top of each page, post, or archive listing.

Breadcrumb NavXT offers various customization options, including the ability to choose the delimiter between breadcrumbs, set the maximum depth of the breadcrumb trail, and customize labels for different types of pages or archives. It also supports custom post types and taxonomies, so users can have a consistent navigation experience throughout their entire site.

Overall, Breadcrumb NavXT improves the user experience of a website by providing an intuitive navigation system that helps users find what they're looking for faster and easier.

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32,167 companies are currently using Breadcrumb NavXT


Kensa Group

the kensa group is a coll..

39 Employees$38K - $26K$52K united kingdom..59%Export

améliorez l’expérience de..

21 Employees$42K - $42K$57K france95%Export
Wyatt Aerospace, LLC

whatever it takes

18 Employees$42K - $39K$56K united states ..79%Export

liongard, the leader in c..

83 Employees$9K - $5K$56K united states ..57%Export
Common Desk

on a mission to make days..

77 Employees$28K - $35K$70K united states ..1%Export
DELTA |v| Forensic Engine..

resolution through engine..

55 Employees$11K - $37K$66K united states ..88%Export
Sardina Systems

elevating businesses with..

35 Employees$43K - $3K$86K united kingdom..77%Export

agriculture, elevated.™

146 Employees$2K - $18K$55K united states ..94%Export
TeiaCare & Ancelia: AI fo..

sustainability, efficienc..

40 Employees$22K - $20K$60K italy100%Export

turn your email signature..

79 Employees$28K - $38K$95K france8%Export
Global Strategy

management consulting, m&..

37 Employees$22K - $44K$88K italy99%Export
Queen of Raw

science-based software th..

8 Employees$18K - $16K$58K united states ..58%Export

the home of atomic layer ..

157 Employees$32K - $34K$86K finland87%Export
Sirona Medical

unify radiology it. simpl..

89 Employees$43K - $13K$63K united states ..87%Export
Pinnacle Plan Design

retirement plan design | ..

38 Employees$39K - $6K$80K united states ..74%Export

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Using Breadcrumb NavXT for finding leads

The list of companies employing the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin offers significant value by pinpointing businesses dedicated to enhancing user navigation and improving their website experience. This information is incredibly beneficial because it reduces the time and work required to identify suitable leads.

WordPress takes up a significant percentage of the digital marketplace. Thereby, companies using the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin indicate they're part of this vast network. Companies listed are likely to be invested in improving their website navigation, suggesting a keen interest in quality web development and user experience. Such precise information about a company's web strategy can provide a valuable opening for companies offering related services or products.

By leveraging this list, sales teams can uncover potential leads by focusing on those that have already demonstrated an interest in optimizing their website's user experience. More so, with insights into a potential lead’s use of WordPress plugins, sales teams can better understand their prospects' pre-existing tech stack and website management strategy. This insight can aid in customizing pitches and solutions to match the potential lead's known preferences and requirements.

Moreover, the catalog of companies using Breadcrumb NavXT can be a rich resource for B2B companies that offer complementary or competing WordPress plugins, website design services, or digital marketing solutions. These businesses can formulate strategically targeted outreach efforts specifically directed at companies on the list.

To summarize, the list of companies using Breadcrumb NavXT is a powerful tool. It offers a rich source of focused leads for sales teams in the web development and digital marketing industry, honing lead identification and driving more focused, customized pitches.

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