1,079 Companies using Bolt CMS


smooth journeys, real con..

70$1K - $1K$31K netherlands97%

covoiturer... comme on pr..

123$40K - $1K$6K france89%
Semantic AI

ai-based (augmented intel..

73$36K - $27K$12K united states ..53%
StorageVault Canada Inc.

our place, your space.

135$12K - $9K$9K canada100%

marketing automation tech..

25$22K - $15K$0 netherlands65%
Wine Spectator

learn more, drink better

91$2K - $37K$659K united states ..85%
Luxoft Smashing Ideas

design and innovation for..

42$23K - $18K$983K united states ..71%

a creative agency, helpin..

31$17K - $50K$97K bulgaria89%
Electric Shuffle USA

high-tech shuffleboard | ..

26$2K - $30K$7K united states ..25%
NorthSeafood Holland B.V...

northseafood your leading..

26$21K - $36K$1K netherlands85%
BD Network

the home of murder the me..

140$11K - $32K$0 united kingdom..92%
Gallagher Group Ltd

the south east’s premier ..

157$46K - $35K$0 united kingdom..93%

leading-edge technology a..

19$15K - $5K$2K france85%
Bolt and Nut Manufacturin..

no problems. just solutio..

43$12K - $20K$9K united kingdom..90%

des espaces de travail fl..

133$18K - $22K$29K france84%

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How to use Bolt CMS

Bolt CMS is an open-source content management system that is easy to use, flexible and highly extensible. It is built on the PHP language and uses the Symfony framework. Bolt CMS can be used to build websites, blogs, portfolios, e-commerce sites and more.

To use Bolt CMS, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Installation: Firstly, you need to download the latest version of Bolt CMS from their official website. Once downloaded, extract the files and copy them to your web server. Create a database and set up a database user with full permissions.

  2. Configuration: Next, you need to configure the installation by creating a configuration file. In this file, you will specify the database connection details, site name, URL, and other settings.

  3. Customization: After configuring the installation, you can customize your Bolt CMS site by choosing a theme, adding extensions, and creating content types. Bolt CMS has many pre-built themes that you can choose from or you can create your own.

  4. Adding Content: Once you have customized your Bolt CMS site, you can start adding content. You can create pages, articles, galleries, and other content types. You can also add tags and categories to organize your content.

  5. Managing Users: Bolt CMS allows you to manage users with different roles and permissions. You can create new users, edit their profiles, and control their access to various parts of your site.

  6. Maintenance: Finally, you need to perform regular maintenance tasks to keep your Bolt CMS site running smoothly. This includes updating your software to the latest version, monitoring your site for security issues, and backing up your data regularly.

In summary, Bolt CMS is a powerful tool for building and managing websites. By following the steps above, you can easily set up and customize your Bolt CMS site to suit your needs. With its intuitive interface and extensive features, Bolt CMS is a great choice for developers and website owners alike.

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