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Bolt CMS is an open-source content management system that allows users to create and manage websites, blogs, and other online platforms. It is built on the PHP programming language and uses the Symfony web application framework.

One of Bolt's key features is its ease of use, thanks to a user-friendly interface and the ability to drag and drop elements to create various pages and layouts. Additionally, Bolt provides a range of customizable templates and themes to help users create visually appealing sites without any coding knowledge.

Bolt also offers various plugins and extensions that allow users to add functionality to their sites, such as e-commerce and social media integrations. Its flexible architecture allows developers to build custom components and modules as well.

Overall, Bolt CMS is a powerful tool for creating and managing online content, suitable for both beginners and experienced developers.

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1,514 companies are currently using Bolt CMS



smooth journeys, real con..

71 Employees$15K - $23K$70K netherlands71%Export
Luxoft Smashing Ideas

design and innovation for..

42 Employees$44K - $35K$75K united states ..57%Export
Hines Pool & Spa

clearly better.

23 Employees$47K - $25K$98K united states ..60%Export

marketing automation tech..

25 Employees$25K - $48K$73K netherlands50%Export
Wine Spectator

learn more, drink better

92 Employees$14K - $44K$67K united states ..38%Export
Nuffield Trust

evidence-based health res..

58 Employees$47K - $6K$63K united kingdom..48%Export

covoiturer... comme on pr..

123 Employees$39K - $14K$78K france15%Export
BBD Perfect Storm | a B-C..

the brand and cultural tr..

39 Employees$28K - $24K$83K united kingdom..23%Export
Brock & Decker

at brock & decker we are ..

11 Employees$37K - $43K$83K united kingdom..40%Export
Fallprotec S.A

the one-stop shop for saf..

63 Employees$7K - $13K$52K luxembourg1%Export

the independent studio be..

108 Employees$35K - $49K$65K france65%Export
Arrivals + Departures

see the world differently..

95 Employees$20K - $18K$64K canada62%Export
BD Network

the home of murder the me..

140 Employees$32K - $23K$57K united kingdom..100%Export
Omniboost | Hospitality t..

accounting automation for..

44 Employees$24K - $35K$68K netherlands9%Export

26 Employees$47K - $27K$89K united kingdom..74%Export

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