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Blocksy Companion is a WordPress plugin that provides additional functionality and features to the Blocksy WordPress theme. The Blocksy theme is a lightweight and customizable theme that has gained popularity among website builders due to its flexibility and ease of use.

The Blocksy Companion plugin extends the capabilities of the theme by adding new options and settings for customization, such as additional widgets, customizer options, and more. It enhances the user experience by providing pre-built templates and layouts, which can be imported into web pages with just one click.

One of the main features of Blocksy Companion is the ability to create custom headers and footers without any coding knowledge. Users can choose from various pre-built header and footer designs or create their own using the drag-and-drop interface.

Another prominent feature is the integration with popular page builders such as Elementor and Beaver Builder, providing users with even more design options and flexibility.

Blocksy Companion also includes optimization tools for website speed and performance, such as lazy loading, minification, and caching. It also supports WooCommerce, allowing users to build an online store with ease.

Overall, Blocksy Companion is a powerful extension of the Blocksy theme, which allows users to create highly customized and feature-rich websites without extensive coding knowledge.

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13,950 companies are currently using Blocksy Companion



securing pregnancy care

71 Employees$15K - $17K$74K france33%Export

a unique solution for dir..

53 Employees$25K - $1K$73K france70%Export

1st customer activation s..

27 Employees$47K - $39K$68K france84%Export
Molecular Vista, Inc.

nano-ir pifm combines afm..

14 Employees$17K - $46K$67K united states ..36%Export

internal audit and accoun..

140 Employees$4K - $16K$93K united states ..49%Export

a mobile-based applicatio..

55 Employees$8K - $42K$92K india63%Export
Verge Motorcycles

verge motorcycles develop..

31 Employees$45K - $46K$67K estonia70%Export
Assembly OSM

fundamentally transformin..

48 Employees$21K - $32K$69K united states ..61%Export
Findly - Agence d'influen..

boostez vos ventes avec d..

18 Employees$40K - $39K$53K france42%Export
Etiometry Inc.

clinical intelligence for..

47 Employees$24K - $47K$84K united states ..44%Export

smart evolution into clea..

70 Employees$45K - $33K$87K germany65%Export
Bham Now

we are birmingham’s moder..

35 Employees$13K - $12K$94K united states ..63%Export
Oyster Agribusiness

serving as the platform t..

12 Employees$18K - $24K$75K ghana31%Export
SolV Independent Insuranc..

consultation with integri..

34 Employees$1K - $41K$55K united states ..27%Export

intellectual property att..

61 Employees$18K - $42K$61K india93%Export

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Using Blocksy Companion for finding leads

The list of companies using Blocksy Companion is a valuable resource for sales teams operating within the broader web technology sector. This list reveals a segment of the market that prioritizes high-functionality, scalable WordPress solutions like Blocksy Companion. It consequently provides a focused target group of potential customers that have demonstrated an interest in investing in feature-packed WordPress tools.

By examining the companies in this list, sales teams can pick up invaluable insights into business types or industries that are already interested in and benefit from Blocksy Companion. Such insights can, in return, inform effective sales strategies.

Knowing which companies use Blocksy Companion also empowers the sales team to tailor their pitch effectively. With this information at hand, a sales representative can highlight how their product or service complements or enhances the Blocksy Companion experience.

Moreover, understanding the scope of the market penetration of Blocksy Companion can assist sales teams in identifying gaps in the market. If certain segments or industries are underrepresented, there may be unmet needs or opportunities for new solutions.

Finally, staying aware of the companies in this list can equip sales teams to monitor closely related competitors. They can learn from the successes and missteps of these industry peers, and better position their own products or services.

Altogether, the list of companies using Blocksy Companion is a potent tool for market research, lead identification, and competitive analysis.

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