1,063 Companies using Blazor

The Kabadiwala

working towards innovatio..

49$16K - $4K$30K india92%
Spring Services

spring services unburdens..

21$26K - $42K$81K netherlands91%
Century 21 Élite

somos el primer coworking..

13$13K - $36K$129K spain92%
Gambling Careers

the home of igaming | gam..

4$12K - $36K$53K united kingdom..51%
Century21 M@power

4$8K - $17K$727K portugal57%
Spark Finance

we're spark. we're a cutt..

25$34K - $2K$81K united kingdom..15%
CENTURY 21 Boutique

conocimiento experto, com..

21$42K - $38K$129K spain92%

ppg. we protect and beaut..

29,425$16K - $9K$492K united states ..79%
CENTURY 21 Infinity

asesoramiento e intermedi..

17$28K - $15K$129K spain86%

de online groothandel voo..

15$31K - $23K$2K netherlands85%
Century 21 Le Quartier

real estate agency, situa..

11$16K - $50K$727K portugal90%
Swap Language

language lessons for comp..

26$31K - $4K$68K denmark53%
Century 21 Plano

o seu sonho, o nosso plan..

18$17K - $30K$727K portugal43%
CENTURY21 Rodolfo Natário..

casas são paixões! ❤️

44$20K - $14K$727K portugal70%
Newton Perkins

the largest and most esta..

12$32K - $11K$0 united kingdom..100%

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How to use Blazor

Blazor is a web framework that allows developers to build interactive web applications using C# instead of JavaScript. Here's how you can use Blazor in your web development project:

  1. Choose a hosting model: Blazor supports two hosting models: server-side and client-side. In server-side Blazor, the app runs on the server and UI updates are sent to the client over a SignalR connection. In client-side Blazor, the app runs entirely in the browser using WebAssembly. Choose the hosting model based on your requirements.

  2. Set up your development environment: To use Blazor, you need .NET Core SDK 3.0 or later installed on your machine. You can create a new Blazor project using Visual Studio or the .NET CLI.

  3. Start building your app: Once you have set up your development environment, you can start building your app. Blazor uses Razor syntax for creating components and rendering UI elements. You can use C# for writing business logic and event handling.

  4. Use Blazor components: Blazor provides a rich set of built-in components such as buttons, text boxes, data grids, and charts. These components can be easily customized and integrated with your app.

  5. Interact with backend services: Blazor makes it easy to interact with backend services such as REST APIs and databases. You can use HttpClient to make HTTP requests and Entity Framework Core to communicate with databases.

  6. Debug your app: Blazor provides powerful debugging tools that allow you to debug both server-side and client-side code. You can use Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code for debugging your app.

  7. Deploy your app: Once you have built and tested your app, you can deploy it to a web server or cloud platform. Blazor apps can be deployed as standalone executables or as part of a larger ASP.NET Core app.

Overall, Blazor is a powerful web framework that allows developers to build modern and interactive web applications using C#. With its rich set of features and tools, Blazor makes it easy to create robust and scalable web apps.

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