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BIGACE is a free open-source content management system that is developed using PHP and JavaScript. It allows users to create and manage websites in a simple and efficient manner. BIGACE stores data in MySQL or ADOdb, which makes it easy for users to retrieve and manipulate data. With BIGACE, users can customize their websites to fit their specific needs without requiring extensive technical knowledge. The platform offers a wide range of features such as user management, WYSIWYG editor, multi-language support, and SEO optimization. Additionally, BIGACE has a flexible template system that enables users to create dynamic and responsive templates for their websites. Overall, BIGACE is an excellent tool for organizations or individuals who want to build websites without spending a lot of money on licensing fees or hiring web developers.

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2 companies are currently using BIGACE


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- Employees$40K - $23K$73K germany60%Export

- Employees$11K - $23K$87K germany57%Export

Using BIGACE for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies utilizing BIGACE is an invaluable tool for sales teams seeking to expand their market prospects. It offers a unique viewpoint into the distinct industries, company sizes, and geographic locations where this flexible, open-source content management system thrives.

Purposefully curated, this list is an industry-specific guide for sales teams in web technology markets. It's an effective tool for identifying potential clients or partners who already understand the value of using open-source content management systems like BIGACE. It allows sales professionals to specifically target these businesses with an understanding of their needs and preferences.

By leveraging this list, sales teams can streamline their research process, eliminating hours of searching and verifying for companies using BIGACE. They can make contact with these companies more rapidly, enhancing their ability to close deals at a quicker rate.

Additionally, this list provides insight into how businesses adapt BIGACE within various operational frameworks, helping sales teams tailor their product or service pitches more effectively. They can develop individualized strategies based on the implicit information garnered from the list, thereby improving their chances of success within this targeted audience.

All in all, this list of companies using BIGACE serves as a significant resource for lead generation, prospecting, and market analysis for sales teams operating within the ever-expanding web technology market.

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