Batflat is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) designed for users who want a lightweight, easy-to-use web platform that doesn't require extensive technical knowledge. It was created to provide website owners with a simple yet powerful tool that allows them to manage their online content without having to deal with complex coding or expensive licensing fees. The CMS is built on PHP and uses a flat-file database, meaning that it doesn't require a MySQL or other traditional database management system. This makes it easy to install, configure, and use, particularly for small to medium-sized websites. Batflat offers a range of features, including a WYSIWYG editor for creating and editing content, customizable templates for designing your site, and the ability to add plugins and widgets for additional functionality. The platform also supports multilingual sites, making it a great option for businesses or organizations with an international audience. Additionally, Batflat is designed with security in mind, with built-in protections against common website vulnerabilities such as SQL injection attacks and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. Overall, if you're looking for a lightweight, user-friendly CMS that's free to use and doesn't require extensive technical know-how, Batflat is definitely worth considering.

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18 Companies using Batflat


Light and strong

34$37K - $25K$14K italy96%

36$13K - $21K$92K france100%
Version2, LLC

We build websites so you ..

1$21K - $8K$59K united states ..100%
Polykeg España

Productores de barriles d..

3$46K - $29K$14K spain21%
DesignBox PRO

1$19K - $15K$62K -99%
Musumeci SpA

The printing partner for ..

12$7K - $10K$5K italy61%

Ialux integrates innovati..

5$26K - $27K$96K italy70%
Ettore Zanon SpA

30$14K - $50K$0 italy92%
Tattoo Arie

-$18K - $46K$66K netherlands98%
Bomix. FHU. Mechanika poj..

-$35K - $37K$78K russian federa..19%
AGS Handling

44$36K - $10K$99K -92%

-$14K - $50K$71K united states ..53%
Eclectic Studios Inc

5$45K - $23K$0 united states ..60%

-$19K - $38K$79K netherlands93%
creatherapy - Denise Schu..

-$19K - $24K$67K germany95%

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How to use Batflat

Batflat is a lightweight CMS that can be used for free to create and manage websites. It is an open-source content management system that offers a simple, intuitive interface and many useful features. Here is a guide on how to use Batflat to create your own website.

Installation: First, you need to download and install the Batflat CMS onto your server. You can download the latest version of Batflat from their official website. After downloading, extract the archive and upload it to your web server. Then, navigate to the installation directory in your browser and follow the installation wizard's steps.

Configuration: After installation, you need to configure Batflat according to your needs. Access the admin panel by typing /admin after your site’s URL. Login using your credentials created during the installation process. Once logged in, you will see the dashboard where you can customize your website's settings, appearance, menus, pages, and posts.

Pages and Posts: Batflat allows you to create pages and posts easily. Pages are static and provide information about your website, while posts are dynamic and display your blog content. In the admin panel, click on the "Pages" or "Posts" section and then click "Add new." Fill in the necessary information such as title, content, and meta description. You can also add images, videos, and tags to your posts.

Appearance: You can change the appearance of your website by selecting a theme from the theme section. Batflat comes with several themes, and you can also create your own. Themes allow you to change the color scheme, layout, and style of your website. You can also add custom CSS to further customize your design.

Plugins: Batflat has a plugin system that makes it easy to extend its functionality. To install plugins, go to the plugins section and select "Install new." Batflat has many useful plugins, such as a contact form, SEO tools, sitemap generator, and more.

Conclusion: Batflat is a lightweight CMS that offers a simple interface and many useful features. With Batflat, you can create and manage websites easily without any coding skills. By following the above guide, you can start creating your website with Batflat in no time.

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