Azure Edge Network
Companies using Azure Edge Network

Azure Edge Network is a global network infrastructure offered by Microsoft Azure to deliver content, applications, and services to end-users at high performance with low latency. It is composed of three main components: Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN), Azure Front Door, and Azure Traffic Manager.

Azure CDN offers a reliable and scalable way to deliver high-bandwidth content to users by caching data at strategically placed edge locations worldwide. Azure Front Door provides a single point of entry that directs users to the most available and performant backend service based on proximity and traffic-routing rules.

Azure Traffic Manager is responsible for global traffic distribution across multiple endpoints based on endpoint health, geographic location, and traffic-routing policies. The combination of these services ensures a seamless and highly optimized experience for end-users while reducing the load on backend servers.

Overall, Azure Edge Network is an essential solution for organizations looking to provide a fast and reliable user experience globally.

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56,815 companies are currently using Azure Edge Network



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Using Azure Edge Network for finding leads

The curated list of companies using Azure Edge Network serves as a resourceful tool for sales teams aiming to leverage their business outreach strategies. Each company on this list bears testimony to the reliable global network infrastructure provided by Microsoft Azure.

The value of this list is manifold. Firstly, it presents a pool of potential clients for businesses offering complementary services or products, such as cloud management tools, cybersecurity services, or cloud consultation. These companies have shown a propensity to adopt sophisticated cloud services, indicating a higher openness towards other innovative solutions in the same ecosystem.

Furthermore, having a list of companies that use Azure Edge Network allows sales teams to tailor their prospecting strategies effectively. By understanding the scale, industry, and location of these companies, teams can develop personalized marketing pitches, thereby improving engagement and response rates.

The visibility of these companies' decision to use Azure Edge Network signifies a commitment towards delivering content, applications, and services with low latency and high performance. As a result, the list primes sales teams to harness these technology adoption signals, enabling them to aggressively target companies, especially in markets where the Azure network infrastructure's impact is crucial for competitiveness.

In essence, this list serves as a goldmine for sales teams. It provides an understanding of the technological landscape of potential leads, allows for strategic planning, and aids in identifying opportunities for prospecting and business development.

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