Azko CMS
Azko CMS

Azko CMS is a specialized content management system developed by Azko, a subsidiary of Septeo Group, which is specifically designed for lawyers in France. It provides a user-friendly platform for managing and publishing content related to legal cases, documents, and information. The CMS offers various features that cater to the needs of legal professionals such as document management, time tracking, billing, and task management. Lawyers can use the platform to collaborate with their team members, clients, and partners, and easily share files and information securely. Azko CMS also includes a range of tools for creating and managing web pages and blogs, allowing lawyers to easily publish relevant and timely content to their website or blog. The platform's search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities ensure that this content is easily discoverable by potential clients and stakeholders. The CMS is designed to be easy to use and requires no coding skills, enabling lawyers to focus on their core business activities. Additionally, it meets all legal and regulatory requirements in France, ensuring data protection and privacy. Overall, Azko CMS is a powerful and efficient solution for law firms looking to streamline their content management processes and improve their online presence.

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262 Companies using Azko CMS

SPI - Septeo Pôle Immobil..

des solutions logicielles..

103$11K - $15K$81K france75%

AZKO : Agence de communic..

31$33K - $45K$6K france61%
Septeo BE

solutions logicielles pou..

19$29K - $26K$95K belgium64%
La Gestion Intégrale

editeur de logiciels pour..

19$3K - $10K$58K france56%
TEN France

écoute, rigueur de l’anal..

90$41K - $26K$9K france80%
Cirier Avocats Associés

5$40K - $22K$4K france82%
Manenti & Co - Avocats

avocats d'affaires

13$34K - $19K$80K france84%

le cabinet d’avocats d’af..

18$43K - $33K$56K france1%
Anfray & Dibaji Avocats

avocats en droit du trava..

2$19K - $12K$100K france66%
SAGAN Avocats

juste pour vous

12$35K - $43K$63K france8%
DM AVOCATS (Maquinghen, G..

11$46K - $40K$88K france72%
Lamartine Conseil

114$10K - $35K$85K france72%

cabinet d’avocats dédié a..

13$5K - $9K$77K france82%
Decker & Associés

Decker&Associés, cabinet ..

21$28K - $28K$64K france39%
Etude Clovis


41$11K - $47K$80K france83%

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How to use Azko CMS

Azko CMS is a content management system designed for lawyers in France. This CMS provides features that are specific to the legal profession, such as document management, client management, and invoicing. In this guide, we will discuss how to use Azko CMS.

Getting Started:

To use Azko CMS, you need access to the platform. You can contact Azko to get started with the CMS. Once you have access, you can log in to the platform using your credentials.


The dashboard is the main interface of the CMS. From here, you can access all the features of Azko CMS. The dashboard displays information on recent cases, tasks, and deadlines. It also provides shortcuts to frequently used features.

Client Management:

Azko CMS allows you to manage your clients effectively. You can create new clients, view their details, and add notes to their profiles. You can also track the time spent on each client and generate invoices based on the time tracked.

Document Management:

One of the essential features of Azko CMS is document management. You can store and organize your legal documents in the CMS. You can create folders to categorize your documents and add tags to make them easier to find. You can also search for documents using keywords.

Case Management:

Azko CMS allows you to manage your cases efficiently. You can create a new case, assign it to a team member, and set deadlines. You can also add notes to the case and track the time spent on it. You can generate invoices based on the time tracked.


Azko CMS allows you to generate invoices quickly and easily. You can generate invoices based on the time tracked on each case or client. You can also customize the invoices with your logo and billing information.


Using Azko CMS can help lawyers in France manage their clients, documents, cases, and invoicing more efficiently. With its user-friendly interface and specific features for the legal profession, Azko CMS can help lawyers save time and increase productivity.

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