Companies using Azion

Azion is a technology company that provides edge computing and content delivery network (CDN) services to businesses looking to improve the performance, security, and scalability of their web applications.

At its core, Azion's platform uses a global network of servers strategically distributed around the world to store and deliver content closer to end-users, reducing latency and improving website speed. By leveraging edge computing, Azion can also run code at the edge of the network, allowing for faster application responses and reduced server load.

Azion's suite of products includes a range of features such as DDoS protection, web application firewall, real-time analytics, and API management. These tools give businesses more control over their web applications, allowing them to optimize performance, protect against cyber threats, and gain insights into user behavior.

One of the unique aspects of Azion's platform is its flexibility. Businesses can use Azion's APIs to integrate their own custom code and tailor the platform to their specific needs. Additionally, Azion's developer-friendly approach means that businesses can quickly deploy and manage complex web applications without needing to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

Overall, Azion aims to empower businesses with the tools and infrastructure necessary to build high-performance, scalable web applications that can deliver exceptional user experiences.

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35 companies are currently using Azion



the platform for modern a..

213 Employees$34K - $6K$93K united states ..13%Export

desburocratizamos a conta..

1,370 Employees$46K - $13K$76K brazil90%Export
Experimentality Labs

en experimentality labs c..

95 Employees$12K - $18K$73K spain75%Export
Fortuna Detectores de Met..

Loja Física e E-commerce ..

5 Employees$33K - $38K$60K brazil54%Export
Lopes Goiânia - CJ 30006

Negócio feito com o coraç..

20 Employees$21K - $16K$58K brazil19%Export
Lopes LRT Imoveis em Port..

👉 Fique por dentro das n..

3 Employees$45K - $5K$69K brazil35%Export
Papel Decor

inspirar e transformar.

5 Employees$41K - $33K$59K brazil87%Export
Instituto Unicred RS

Transformar a sociedade m..

2 Employees$30K - $25K$99K brazil64%Export
Passarela Calçados

inspirando seus passos

1,029 Employees$50K - $10K$70K brazil91%Export
The Gift Box Br

1 Employees$3K - $12K$83K -19%Export
Radio Gaucha

38 Employees$18K - $7K$56K brazil44%Export
RBS - Zero Hora Editora J..

14 Employees$3K - $23K$87K brazil14%Export
Lopes Nova Tijuca

3 Employees$15K - $5K$97K brazil74%Export
Loja do Inter

2 Employees$4K - $7K$89K brazil81%Export
Caixa Cultural Fortaleza

3 Employees$9K - $27K$50K brazil99%

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Using Azion for finding leads

The compilation of companies using Azion listed on this page is an invaluable resource for those in sales or lead prospecting roles. This thorough collection provides direct access to potential clients already familiar with web technologies, thereby reducing the time spent on initial research and prospecting.

By exploring this list, sales teams can identify businesses that value high-quality solutions from Azion for edge computing, serverless technology, CDN, and more, indicating a willingness to invest in reliable technology services. Understanding the technology preferences of these companies can help sales teams to customize their approach accordingly.

This list also encourages more strategic prospecting. Since the companies here are already using Azion, they are likely to be forward-thinking and open to other innovative web solutions. These characteristics make them ideal targets for sales teams offering complementary services and solutions.

Additionally, having access to such a list facilitates market segmentation. It empowers sales teams to sort and filter companies based on different criteria, subsequently, helping to build personalized sales strategies. Being able to target leads more effectively can drastically improve the chances of successful conversions.

For the sales teams interested in cross-selling or upselling opportunities, this compilation can turn into a gold mine. Knowing that a company is already using Azion means understanding that they prioritize high-quality and efficient technology solutions. Therefore, presenting them with a solution that adds value to their already existing Azion solutions might result in positive reception and eventual deal closure.

Last but not least, the competition for attention in the vast digital market is immense. Having a comprehensive list of companies that are already using specific technologies like Azion enables sales teams to narrow down their focus and pitch directly to the companies that are more likely to be interested in similar tech offerings.

By using this list, sales teams can improve their lead generation, speed up their sales process, enhance productivity, and optimize their overall performance.

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