Augmented-UI is a UI (User Interface) framework that takes inspiration from cyberpunk and sci-fi themes. This framework helps to create modern and futuristic-looking user interfaces by adding dynamic effects, animating different elements like buttons, inputs, and typography with minimal effort. Augmented-UI offers many pre-designed components and styles that simplify the process of creating unique and engaging user interfaces. It uses CSS variables for customization and flexibility, making it easy to adjust to different design needs. Overall, Augmented-UI provides an out-of-the-box solution for designers and developers looking to create visually appealing and modern digital interfaces that align with the world of science fiction and cyberpunk.

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The White Circle

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Bespoke Software Solution..

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How to use augmented-ui

Augmented-UI is a user interface framework that allows you to create futuristic designs inspired by sci-fi and cyberpunk. With Augmented-UI, you can add unique and visually appealing effects to your website or application without the need for complex code.

To get started with Augmented-UI, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install Augmented-UI: You can download the package from the official website or install it via npm based on your preference.

  2. Import Augmented-UI: Once you have installed the package, you can import Augmented-UI into your project by adding the following code to your HTML file’s header:

    ``` <link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/augmented-ui.min.css"> ```
  3. Add Augmented-UI classes: Augmented-UI works by adding certain classes to your HTML elements. You can add these classes to your website’s HTML elements to achieve unique visuals. For example:

    ``` <button class="btn btn-primary au-rotate-45 au-hover-up">Click Me</button> ```

    The above code adds an “au-rotate-45” class to the button, which causes it to rotate 45 degrees. Additionally, it also adds an “au-hover-up” class, which lifts the button up when hovered over by the mouse pointer.

  4. Customize Augmented-UI: If you want to customize the effects provided by Augmented-UI, you can modify the CSS variables provided by the framework. The CSS variables determine things such as the duration of animations or the colors used in the effects.

Augmented-UI provides a wide range of classes that can be used to create various effects such as shadows, gradients, and animations. These classes can be combined to create unique and visually appealing designs for your website or application.

In conclusion, Augmented-UI provides a simple and easy way to add futuristic effects to your website or application. By following the installation steps and using the provided classes, you can achieve unique designs with minimal effort.

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