Companies using ArvanCloud

ArvanCloud is a cloud services provider that offers various integrated cloud services. Some of the cloud services provided by ArvanCloud include CDN, DDoS mitigation, Cloud Managed DNS, Cloud Security, VoD/AoD Streaming, Live Streaming, Cloud Compute, Cloud Object Storage, and PaaS. These services are designed to help businesses improve their website performance, security, and reliability. ArvanCloud provides a cost-effective solution for businesses that want to take advantage of the benefits that come with cloud computing. With ArvanCloud, businesses can focus on their core competencies while leaving the cloud infrastructure management to the experts. The platform is built to be easy to use, secure, and scalable. Additionally, ArvanCloud's customer support team is available 24/7 to assist customers with any issues they may encounter.

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2,128 companies are currently using ArvanCloud



single-origin farm to for..

22 Employees$25K - $31K$88K iran, islamic ..11%Export
Otaghak | اتاقک

اتاقک، سامانه اجاره آنلای..

47 Employees$33K - $25K$63K iran, islamic ..36%Export
Takhfifan | تخفیفان

we are so proud of having..

111 Employees$37K - $19K$59K iran, islamic ..36%Export

first and biggest platfor..

59 Employees$46K - $35K$81K iran, islamic ..25%Export

design, develop, deliver!..

12 Employees$19K - $35K$80K united kingdom..77%Export

iran's first market place..

97 Employees$18K - $31K$63K iran, islamic ..88%Export
Keepa | کیپا

keepa is here to provide ..

46 Employees$39K - $9K$72K iran, islamic ..78%Export
Flightio | فلایتیو

دنیات رو کشف کن

125 Employees$40K - $10K$61K iran, islamic ..59%Export
PayamGostar-پیام گستر

فناوری در مدار مشتری

80 Employees$50K - $7K$72K iran, islamic ..77%Export
Navaar | نوار

!زندگی شنیدنی‌ست

17 Employees$4K - $17K$67K iran, islamic ..74%Export
Petropars (PPars)

belief in capabilities

634 Employees$46K - $37K$89K iran, islamic ..74%Export
Hamrah Mechanic

هم‌راه خرید، هم‌راه فروش

131 Employees$30K - $27K$91K iran, islamic ..98%Export


19 Employees$5K - $46K$75K iran, islamic ..19%Export
rasaamediagroup | گروه ار..

فعال درحوزه مشاوره کسب وک..

11 Employees$31K - $47K$55K iran, islamic ..

یوتراوز | خرید بلیط هواپی..

92 Employees$46K - $31K$85K iran, islamic ..98%Export

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Using ArvanCloud for finding leads

The list of companies using ArvanCloud is a strategic resource for sales teams. It offers a plethora of opportunities for finding and building relationships with potential leads. These organizations, which span various industries, have already integrated ArvanCloud's diverse set of cloud services into their operations, highlighting their need for innovative, reliable, and efficient cloud solutions.

Sales teams can utilize this list to understand the landscape of the market and fine-tune their strategies. They can gain insights into the types of companies that benefit most from utilizing cloud services, like CDN, DDoS mitigation, Cloud Managed DNS, Cloud Security, VoD/AoD Streaming, Live Streaming, Cloud Compute, Cloud Object Storage, and PaaS, among others. This understanding equips sales teams with knowledge about their target market, helping them pitch their products or services more convincingly.

The presence of a company on the list can also indicate a willingness to embrace cloud-based digital transformation, implying more openness to new technological solutions, which can be explored during the sales process.

Moreover, the list can be an excellent source for competitor analysis. By observing the industry sectors that heavily populate the list, sales teams can identify where their rivals are finding success and carve out their own niches accordingly.

Finally, the list helps in studying trends in cloud adoption and usage. This can guide future product development and marketing tactics to align with these trends and meet the evolving needs of the market in a timely manner.

For example, if many companies on the list are in industries that highly value data security— such as finance or healthcare— this could signify a demand for robust cloud security solutions that your company could potentially fulfill.

By providing a treasure trove of leads, observations, and opportunities, the list of companies using ArvanCloud is truly invaluable for sales teams as they seek to carve out a viable and successful position in the competitive world of cloud services.

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