Companies using Arc

Arc is a peer-to-peer content delivery network (CDN) that pays website owners for utilizing its services. It differs from traditional CDNs which rely on expensive servers in data centers, as Arc's network uses the processing power of web browsers to share and deliver content. This approach reduces the need for centralized infrastructure, making it more affordable and scalable for website owners. By connecting to the Arc network, websites can distribute their content more efficiently while compensating end-users who contribute their bandwidth and computing resources. In essence, Arc creates a decentralized ecosystem that benefits both website owners and users alike.

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57 companies are currently using Arc



11 Employees$44K - $11K$94K united states ..65%Export
Builtup Technologies

the complete engineering

4 Employees$2K - $47K$70K india69%Export

we are a startup that run..

3 Employees$4K - $6K$99K united states ..45%Export
ERA Content Marketing

multi-channel content mar..

5 Employees$30K - $35K$78K viet nam54%Export
Parque Acuático Curunina ..

☀️ disfruta del mejor y m..

6 Employees$7K - $43K$62K chile58%Export

5 Employees$32K - $41K$76K india76%Export

4 Employees$37K - $45K$75K australia57%Export
Agrosalva Quality Foods

somos distribuidores mayo..

29 Employees$34K - $26K$95K el salvador54%Export
Japanese Music ID - No...

9 Employees$37K - $49K$88K indonesia69%Export
Edvicon International

Quality Education... By A..

62 Employees$19K - $39K$78K sri lanka19%Export

Experience Technology

12 Employees$4K - $28K$57K india20%Export
The Kashmir Monitor

One of the most widely re..

12 Employees$3K - $30K$69K -96%Export
De Culto Magazine

2 Employees$16K - $30K$50K spain27%Export

Making you to Shine

1 Employees$19K - $7K$88K india52%Export

il più importante sito it..

5 Employees$33K - $13K$85K -33%Export

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Using Arc for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies using Arc, offers sales teams a validated array of businesses that appreciate innovative, efficiency-driven solutions in the web technology space. The selection presents not just names, but organizations that value peer-to-peer technology, indicating a progressive, tech-forward stance.

Sales teams can capitalize on this information by identifying which leads are likely to be more receptive to their product offerings, particularly those centered on web-based technologies or services designed to enhance website performance or user experience. Businesses using Arc, owing to its unique value proposition, indicate their affinity for novel solutions that depart from traditional routes, which can inform the selling strategy.

Moreover, this list helps reveal an organization's potential pain points. Businesses using Arc might be running high-traffic websites, may require efficient content delivery, or may be interested in additional revenue streams. Understanding these potential challenges and priorities can empower a sales team to tailor their pitch, showcasing how their product or service addresses similar concerns.

Plus, knowing which organizations are already leveraging Arc's services can provide valuable insights for case studies, which set definitive markers for success, and further bolster the credibility of a sales pitch. Potential leads may see companies similar to their own on the list, and feel more confident in the offered product knowing it has been effectively employed by others in their field.

In essence, the list provides several leverage points for sales teams—from identifying ideal leads and understanding potential pain points, to enriching pitches with substantial case studies. The true value of the list lies in its capacity to better pinpoint and target promising sales opportunities for those operating in the web technology space.

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