Apptus is a software provider that focuses on eCommerce optimization utilizing artificial intelligence. Its system offers sophisticated algorithms for search, recommendations, and personalization to enhance customer experience, increase conversions and ultimately drive sales. Apptus also offers features like sorting, filtering, and navigation tools which allow customers to easily find what they’re looking for. The software can be customized to fit the needs of individual businesses, and it uses real-time data analysis to adapt to changes in customer behavior and trends. Overall, Apptus' AI-powered solutions aim to make online shopping more efficient and personalized for consumers while helping businesses increase their revenue through improved conversion rates.

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15 Companies using Apptus


helping sales teams find ..

1,143$32K - $33K$5M united states ..72%

we help businesses, produ..

1$14K - $35K$5M saudi arabia1%
Clas Ohlson

2,076$4K - $19K$56K sweden20%
Coop Midt-Norge SA

vi er stolte over å være ..

233$35K - $49K$58K norway82%
Ahlsell Oy

ammattilaisen elämä helpo..

325$28K - $20K$142K finland30%

we are the hikers who got..

131$38K - $24K$97K sweden91%
Ahlsell Sverige AB

med våra medarbetare, but..

2,591$46K - $33K$695K sweden2%
Ahlsell Norge AS

vi gjør det enklere å vær..

783$18K - $37K$78K norway99%
VVS Trading ApS

Your retail partner

19$5K - $12K$58K denmark7%
lekolar dk

vi indretter og skaber ud..

50$8K - $41K$10K denmark80%

60$33K - $41K$5M united states ..11%
Ahlsell Region Syd

Gör det enklare att vara ..

4$32K - $45K$695K -48%
Lekolar AB

210$4K - $35K$59K sweden15%
Lekolar Suomi

innostamme lapsia, nuoria..

32$24K - $9K$52K finland54%
Tempcold Group AB

-$44K - $45K$100K -92%

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How to use Apptus

Apptus is an AI-powered e-commerce optimization software that helps online businesses improve their website's search and navigation experience, product recommendations, and merchandising. Here's how you can use Apptus to optimize your online store:

  1. Integrating Apptus: To start using Apptus, you need to integrate it with your e-commerce website. You can do this by following the integration guide provided by Apptus for your specific platform.

  2. Search and Navigation: Apptus uses AI to optimize your website's search and navigation experience. It analyses customer behavior on your website and provides real-time search results and filters that are relevant to their searches. You can customize your search and navigation settings to match your business needs within the Apptus platform.

  3. Product Recommendations: With Apptus, you can provide personalized product recommendations to customers based on their browsing history and purchase behavior. You can configure recommendation widgets to display on specific pages and choose from a variety of recommendation types like "people who bought this also bought" or "similar products."

  4. Merchandising: Apptus allows you to set up rules to automatically merchandise your product catalog. You can create rules for products to be displayed based on attributes like brand, category, availability, price range, or popularity. This feature helps you promote specific products or categories, boost sales of seasonal items, and manage inventory effectively.

  5. Analytics: Apptus provides detailed analytics and insights into customer behavior, sales conversions, and revenue. You can view reports on search queries, click-through rates, add-to-cart rates, and much more. This data can help you make informed decisions about your marketing and business strategies.

In conclusion, Apptus is an AI-powered e-commerce optimization software that provides a range of features to enhance your online store's search and navigation experience, product recommendations, and merchandising. By integrating and customizing Apptus to match your business needs, you can improve customer engagement, boost sales, and grow your online business.

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