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Appian is an enterprise low-code application platform. It provides a platform for building business applications quickly and easily, without the need for extensive coding. With Appian, users can create custom applications using a visual interface and pre-built components, significantly reducing development time and resources.

The platform offers a range of tools and features for designing, developing, and deploying applications. These include drag-and-drop interface design, data modeling, process automation, integrations with other systems, and mobile app development capabilities.

Appian's low-code approach allows both professional developers and non-technical users to collaborate and create applications. The platform abstracts complex coding tasks, enabling users to focus on designing user interfaces, defining business rules, and connecting to various data sources.

Overall, Appian empowers organizations to rapidly build and deploy applications that streamline their business processes, improve productivity, and enhance customer experiences.

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Nanotek Inc

2 Employees$33K - $20K$77K -65%Export

Using Appian for finding leads

This list provides an invaluable resource for sales teams, offering a directory of companies that actively employ Appian, a leading enterprise low-code application platform. By tapping into this unique business intelligence, sales teams can tailor their strategies to target companies that already understand the benefits of using low-code solutions like Appian.

Sales teams can leverage the list as a pre-qualified pool of potential leads that value advanced technologies, saving substantial time that is traditionally spent identifying such companies. Since these enterprises are already using Appian, they are more likely to be receptive to products or services that complement or enhance their current technology stack.

Furthermore, the list can illuminate industry trends and offer a better understanding of competitive landscapes. Sales teams can gain insights into how widespread the use of Appian is across various sectors and use this information to realign their pitch or product offering.

In terms of market research, the list acts as a significant shortcut. It provides extensive information about which companies invest in modern technological solutions, their size, their industry, and more. Based on this insight, upselling or cross-selling opportunities can be identified more conveniently.

In a nutshell, this list is more than just a directory — it is an instrument to drive more effective sales strategies, ensuring more successful lead generation and potentially higher conversion rates. By taking advantage of this list, sales teams can strengthen their approach, fostering valuable relationships with businesses that already acknowledge the utility of platforms such as Appian.

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