ApostropheCMS is a website builder platform that is built on top of an enterprise open source CMS. It is designed to provide users with a powerful and flexible content management system that can be customized to fit their specific needs. ApostropheCMS provides features such as drag-and-drop content editing, customizable templates, and a robust media library. This allows users to easily create, edit, and publish content without requiring technical knowledge. Additionally, ApostropheCMS is built with security in mind, ensuring that user data is protected at all times. Its modular architecture enables developers to create custom modules for specific functionality integration, and it also has RESTful APIs which helps to connect it to other services. Overall, ApostropheCMS is a reliable and efficient way to build websites with ease, while providing the flexibility needed to create complex sites with multiple integrations.

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209 Companies using ApostropheCMS


the modern international ..

164$30K - $33K$557K united states ..85%
IPG Health Frankfurt

IPG Health Deutschland, m..

78$49K - $6K$23K germany90%
CMC Connect | An IPG Heal..

we use our scientific acu..

129$5K - $15K$8K united kingdom..27%

the world’s sports analyt..

169$27K - $18K$93K canada86%

1nce is the only provider..

252$3K - $29K$83K germany60%

an elite software develop..

56$7K - $32K$10K united states ..68%
Clemens Construction Comp..

a respected leader in the..

80$45K - $37K$928 united states ..85%
Levrara Consulting Group

an anglo-indian company,..

40$16K - $39K$0 united kingdom..37%

high-quality turnkey serv..

26$49K - $7K$0 greece67%
McCann Health Medical Com..

world-leading healthcare ..

36$21K - $49K$23K united kingdom..90%
Lehigh Technologies

45$42K - $31K$3K united states ..100%
FCB Health Spark | An IPG..

ipg health spark warsaw l..

30$23K - $45K$97K poland19%
Grimm + Parker Architects..

designing spaces. shaping..

91$47K - $25K$77K united states ..100%

award-winning creative in..

41$16K - $31K$31K united kingdom..4%
Newmark Hotels

Re-discovering wonder in ..

105$34K - $31K$43K south africa34%

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How to use ApostropheCMS

ApostropheCMS is a content management system that allows you to create and manage websites easily. Here are the steps to use ApostropheCMS:

  1. Install ApostropheCMS: Firstly, you need to install ApostropheCMS on your computer by following the installation guide provided in the official documentation.

  2. Create a new project: After installing ApostropheCMS, you can create a new project using the command-line interface. Once the setup is complete, you can access the project directory.

  3. Customize the website: In this step, you can customize your website by adding new pages, choosing themes, and configuring settings like language, date format, and time zone.

  4. Add content: You can add content to your website using different content types such as images, videos, text, and widgets. ApostropheCMS supports various content types, including rich text, code, and media.

  5. Manage users and roles: You can create user accounts for your website and assign different roles to them based on their responsibilities. For example, you can give the editor role to users who can only edit and publish content.

  6. Publish the website: Once you have customized your website and added content, you can publish it to make it available online.

  7. Maintain the website: After publishing your website, you need to maintain it regularly by updating content, fixing bugs, and optimizing performance.

ApostropheCMS provides many features that allow you to build and maintain a powerful website with ease. Some of its key features include a drag-and-drop page builder, responsive design, SEO optimization, and multilingual support. With ApostropheCMS, you can create a professional-looking website without writing a single line of code.

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