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Amazon Cognito is a web service that allows developers to add user authentication, authorization, and management features to their applications. With Amazon Cognito, developers can enable users to sign up and sign in to their applications using identity providers such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon itself. It also supports enterprise identity providers via SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect. Developers can use Amazon Cognito to create and manage user accounts, store user data, and authenticate users for secure access to application resources. Additionally, Amazon Cognito provides tools to track user engagement and access patterns, allowing developers to better understand how their applications are being used. Overall, Amazon Cognito simplifies the development process by providing a pre-built backend infrastructure for user authentication and management, freeing up developer time to focus on other aspects of application development.

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4 companies are currently using Amazon Cognito


Empower Therapeutics

2 Employees$26K - $47K$83K -21%Export

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1 Employees$39K - $26K$88K united states ..70%Export

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2 Employees$42K - $35K$91K -68%Export
Warme Steden & Gemeenten

Warme Steden en Gemeenten..

- Employees$48K - $30K$99K belgium39%Export

Using Amazon Cognito for finding leads

On this page lies a thoughtfully curated list of companies harnessing the potential of Amazon Cognito. It is an essential tool for sales teams seeking to unlock new business opportunities and identify potential leads.

Amazon Cognito, used for adding user sign-up, sign-in, and access controls to web and mobile applications, is embraced by a multitude of companies across various industries. Enterprises that rely on Amazon Cognito seek to bolster security, manage identities, and ensure seamless integration with social and enterprise identity providers.

The organizations listed here have made Amazon Cognito a vital part of their digital infrastructure, indicating their commitment to robust user authentication and sophisticated access management. This understanding creates a unique chance for sales teams to offer complementary solutions or services that align with these requirements.

By analyzing this list, sales teams can identify business patterns, technology alignment, and potential compatibility, hence fostering a targeted and effective prospecting approach. This list sharpens their understanding of each company's tech stack and their potential needs, streamlining the lead generation process.

Various sectors, sizes, and geographical regions are represented within this list, providing sales teams with a broad spectrum of potential leads. From startups seeking to streamline their user management to large corporations focusing on optimizing their security infrastructure, each entity represents a unique sales opportunity.

Navigating this list will provide sales teams with a deeper comprehension of the market demand for Amazon Cognito, and how their product or service might fit into this ecosystem. Thus, this resource caters to sales teams' needs, helping them better align their offerings with prospects' needs, build strategic connections, and eventually, realize successful conversions.

Thus, the list of Amazon Cognito-using companies is a high-value tool for any sales team aiming to enhance their prospecting strategies and secure promising leads. Not merely a contact database, it is a portal to understanding businesses' technology preferences and needs, enabling tailored and effective outreach efforts.

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