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Okta is a cloud-based platform that provides Identity-as-a-Service solutions to organizations. In simpler terms, it allows enterprises to manage user authentication and authorization in a centralized manner, eliminating the need for managing multiple identity stores. Okta offers a range of features including user provisioning, single sign-on (SSO), integration with Active Directory (AD) and LDAP, de-provisioning of users, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and mobile identity management.

With Okta, organizations can secure their data and applications by ensuring that only authorized users have access. The platform enables seamless integration with existing infrastructure and simplifies the process of managing user identities across various apps and devices. The SSO feature eliminates the need for users to remember multiple login credentials, further streamlining the access process.

Okta's MFA feature helps to prevent unauthorized access by adding an additional layer of security through factors such as biometric authentication or SMS verification. The platform also offers mobile identity management, which ensures that users can securely access enterprise resources from their mobile devices.

Overall, Okta's IDaaS solutions simplify identity management for businesses, reduce the risk of data breaches, and improve user experience by reducing the number of login credentials required.

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249 companies are currently using Okta


Bilt Rewards

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121 Employees$7K - $18K$82K united states ..32%Export
Orca Bio

transforming allogeneic c..

124 Employees$26K - $25K$52K united states ..
Cast & Crew

financial services and te..

1,292 Employees$49K - $21K$93K united states ..80%Export
Shift Paradigm

we are strategists, techn..

210 Employees$46K - $27K$58K united states ..68%Export
Magellan Federal

empowering government per..

1,306 Employees$8K - $31K$85K united states ..29%Export

carry the world. forward...

4,434 Employees$29K - $22K$99K united states ..75%Export
Propane Education & Resea..

propane is clean, america..

68 Employees$23K - $30K$64K united states ..72%Export

beyondid brings digital i..

193 Employees$36K - $20K$98K united states ..63%Export

exploring your life's pur..

4,716 Employees$17K - $22K$66K united states ..84%Export
Skidmore, Owings & Merril..

we are a collective of ar..

1,796 Employees$41K - $37K$67K united states ..33%Export
Clifford Chance

we are one of the world's..

7,843 Employees$26K - $41K$90K united kingdom..3%Export
J. J. Keller & Associates..

experts in safety & regul..

1,731 Employees$18K - $37K$57K united states ..28%Export
Nedap Retail

unlock your full omnichan..

172 Employees$32K - $12K$80K netherlands28%Export
City of Las Vegas

building community to mak..

1,741 Employees$39K - $13K$87K united states ..41%Export

every child deserves a br..

304 Employees$31K - $13K$56K united states ..10%Export

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Using Okta for finding leads

The array of companies that utilize Okta technology serves as a fertile hunting ground for sales teams seeking high-quality leads. These organizations typically recognize the importance of efficient and secure software solutions, emphasizing identity and access management. By exploring this list, sales teams gain access to a diverse set of potential clients that already comprehend the value of technological investment in Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) platforms.

Crucially, the roster of Okta users implies a significant degree of technological awareness and readiness to consider novel software propositions. Since these entities already utilize an industry-leading IDaaS service, they may be open to additional tools that augment their overall software suite, streamline their operations, or bolster their security.

On the surface, sales teams employ this information to identify organizations that could benefit from their own products or services, especially if complementary to Okta's offering. Additionally, they gain insights into specific sectors or industries where Okta is prevalently used, allowing them to adjust their marketing strategies or even develop new solutions tailored for these specific environments.

The knowledge of these Okta-using companies equips sales teams with valuable context for their initial engagements, positioning them as aware and thoughtful partners who understand the prospects' existing tech stack. This, in turn, can help foster trust and rapport, paving the way for successful lead prospecting.

Therefore, this list serves as an invaluable resource facilitating the identification of promising leads, catered engagement strategies, and the cultivation of long-term, mutually beneficial business partnerships.

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