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Super Socializer is a versatile WordPress plugin that enables users to add social media sharing buttons, social login, and social commenting functionality to their WordPress site. With Super Socializer, website owners can allow their visitors to easily share content from their website on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. This plugin also supports social login options such as logging in with Facebook, Google, or other social accounts which simplifies the registration process for users and increases user engagement. Additionally, Super Socializer allows website visitors to leave comments using their social media profiles which makes it easier for them to engage in discussions related to the website's content. The plugin is designed to be customizable and is available in both free and premium versions, allowing website owners to choose the features they need based on their requirements. Overall, Super Socializer is a useful tool for any WordPress site looking to increase its visibility and user engagement through social media integration.

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4,836 companies are currently using Super Socializer


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8 Employees$21K - $16K$99K ireland82%Export

inspiration, data and com..

17 Employees$14K - $5K$85K united states ..36%Export
Jacobs & Cushman San Dieg..

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88 Employees$6K - $26K$69K united states ..83%Export
The Woodmont Company

trusted retail partners. ..

122 Employees$23K - $36K$65K united states ..11%Export
Unity Online™

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37 Employees$3K - $45K$82K united kingdom..2%Export

the leader in mobile body..

52 Employees$46K - $13K$97K united states ..20%Export
OMS - Training and Compli..

oms offers health & safet..

93 Employees$50K - $30K$52K united kingdom..31%Export

we are the only operating..

29 Employees$28K - $49K$93K united states ..78%Export

data-in-transit solutions..

25 Employees$48K - $18K$85K united states ..4%Export
CORE Safety Group

core safety's mission is ..

126 Employees$37K - $15K$69K united states ..19%Export
National Democratic Train..

we provide 100% free camp..

86 Employees$10K - $9K$81K united states ..28%Export

etectrx’s fda-cleared id-..

14 Employees$21K - $8K$78K united states ..70%Export
Dropbox DocSend

share business-critical d..

26 Employees$47K - $12K$73K united states ..12%Export
Get In Shape For Women

146 Employees$14K - $5K$59K united states ..40%Export
Jumpstart:HR | Small Busi..

let's build a better busi..

13 Employees$6K - $14K$66K united states ..73%Export

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Using Super Socializer for finding leads

Leveraging a list of companies using Super Socializer can provide an invaluable tool for sales teams looking to target businesses that prioritize social media integration and user engagement. Companies that use this multifaceted WordPress plug-in are likely invested in enhancing their online presence and streamlining user interaction through social services. This could be an indicator of a forward-thinking mindset that appreciates effective, innovative solutions.

Sales teams utilizing this list can specifically target their proposals and business pitches to emphasize compatibility with Super Socializer, making their products or services more appealing to these companies. For instance, if selling a complementary WordPress plugin or a service that could augment the effectiveness of a company's social media strategy, the sales team could highlight these aspects.

Furthermore, companies listed are potentially more open to new technologies and solutions designed to optimize their social media outreach. This could make them more receptive to sales pitches, increasing the odds of positive engagement and conversion.

Also, the use of Super Socializer may signal a company's focus on increasing social media engagement and therefore may be open to exploring additional services, tools, or strategies that can improve their social media effectiveness, customer engagement, or user experience. The knowledge that a lead is already using this plugin can help the sales team to tailor their messaging and solution accordingly.

Essentially, this list can help sales teams not only identify potential leads more efficiently but also customize their sales strategy to improve conversion rates. Thus, it serves as a crucial first step in segmentation and targeted marketing, all of which can significantly increase the overall efficacy of a sales campaign.

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