Alibaba Cloud CDN
Alibaba Cloud CDN

Alibaba Cloud CDN is a cloud-based service offered by Alibaba Cloud for businesses to improve content delivery speed to their end-users globally. It is a network of servers that works together to deliver high-speed, low-latency web content like static files, images, and videos to users anywhere in the world. The service uses edge servers located in different regions around the world, which helps to reduce latency and improve website performance. Moreover, it automatically caches frequently accessed content, which helps to reduce the load on the origin server and improves the experience of end-users. Alibaba Cloud CDN operates on a pay-as-you-go model, where businesses are charged based on their usage. It also provides easy configuration with APIs, so businesses can manage their content delivery easily. The service includes security features like HTTPS encryption and anti-DDoS protection to ensure that content is delivered securely without any delay. With this service, businesses can improve user experience, reduce bounce rates, and increase the engagement of their websites.

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8,637 Companies using Alibaba Cloud CDN

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How to use Alibaba Cloud CDN

Alibaba Cloud CDN is a powerful tool that allows you to deliver your web content, including images, videos, and static files, to users around the world with high-performance and low-latency. Here are the steps to use Alibaba Cloud CDN:

  1. Sign up for an Alibaba Cloud account: If you don't already have one, you can sign up for a free account on the Alibaba Cloud website.

  2. Activate Alibaba Cloud CDN: Once you have an Alibaba Cloud account, you can activate Alibaba Cloud CDN by creating a CDN service instance in the Alibaba Cloud console. This will allow you to obtain an endpoint URL, which you can use to accelerate the delivery of your web content.

  3. Configure Alibaba Cloud CDN: After activating Alibaba Cloud CDN, you need to configure it properly to optimize its performance. You can do this by configuring caching rules, HTTPS settings, and other parameters that affect how your content is delivered.

  4. Integrate Alibaba Cloud CDN with your website: To start using Alibaba Cloud CDN, you need to integrate it with your website. You can do this by modifying your DNS records to point to the endpoint URL provided by Alibaba Cloud CDN.

  5. Use Alibaba Cloud CDN: Once you have integrated Alibaba Cloud CDN with your website, you can start using it to deliver your web content. Alibaba Cloud CDN provides various features and benefits like dynamic acceleration, HTTPS encryption, and real-time monitoring, which can improve the performance and security of your website.

In summary, to use Alibaba Cloud CDN, you need to sign up for an Alibaba Cloud account, activate and configure Alibaba Cloud CDN, integrate it with your website, and start using it to accelerate the delivery of your web content to end-users around the world.

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