392 Companies using Acquia Cloud Platform CDN

Sinch Engage

every relationship starts..

49$8K - $13K$278K germany7%

illumio, the zero trust s..

557$46K - $49K$90K united states ..83%
AES Colombia

La pasión nos mueve, las ..

53$34K - $46K$20K colombia89%

are you #ready for the fu..

120$25K - $33K$91K united states ..79%
Inteliquent, a Sinch comp..

we empower your communica..

429$2K - $41K$278K united states ..42%
Syntellis Performance Sol..

Formerly Kaufman Hall Sof..

374$28K - $40K$143K united states ..96%
CLX Communications AB (no..

find us under our new bra..

24$6K - $15K$278K sweden94%

#1 in cloud content gover..

1,025$29K - $34K$79K united states ..68%
Voyant, a Sinch company

simply better communicati..

40$14K - $14K$278K united states ..5%

metricstream is the world..

1,405$2K - $12K$78K united states ..86%

326$22K - $9K$73K united states ..17%
Symsoft (now Sinch)

now part of sinch. see si..

38$22K - $37K$278K sweden75%

15$19K - $32K$46K united states ..71%

plan smarter. drive outco..

825$12K - $11K$69K switzerland84%
StorageCraft Technology, ..

officially part of arcser..

108$46K - $23K$276K united states ..57%

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How to use Acquia Cloud Platform CDN

Acquia Cloud Platform CDN (Content Delivery Network) can be used to enhance the performance of your website or web application by delivering your content from a distributed network of servers located closer to the end-users. Here are the steps you can follow to use Acquia Cloud Platform CDN:

  1. Enable CDN: Sign in to your Acquia Cloud Platform account and navigate to the environment where you want to enable CDN. From there, click on 'CDN' under the 'Performance' section in the left sidebar. Click on 'Enable CDN' button and follow the prompts to configure your CDN settings.

  2. Configure CDN settings: You will need to define which files and directories should be served through CDN. By default, Acquia Cloud Platform CDN serves all static assets, such as images, CSS, and JavaScript files. However, you can also choose to serve dynamic content, such as HTML pages, by configuring custom rules for your CDN.

  3. Test your CDN: Once you have enabled and configured CDN, you can test it using various online tools that simulate user requests from different locations across the globe. This will give you an idea of how much faster your website is loading with CDN enabled.

  4. Monitor CDN usage: Acquia Cloud Platform provides detailed analytics about your CDN usage, including bandwidth consumption, cache hit rates, and request volume. You can access this information from the 'CDN' tab in your Acquia Cloud Platform account.

In summary, Acquia Cloud Platform CDN can help you improve your website's performance and reduce page load times by distributing your content across a global network of servers. By taking advantage of this service, your users will benefit from a faster and more responsive website experience.

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