ABP Framework
ABP Framework


ABP Framework is a comprehensive infrastructure for building modern web applications by adhering to proven software development best practices and conventions. It provides pre-built modules, tools, and templates that simplify the development process, allowing developers to focus on delivering high-quality features rather than low-level technical details. ABP Framework follows the Domain-Driven Design (DDD) approach, which emphasizes the importance of creating a well-defined domain model based on business needs. It also includes built-in support for popular technologies like ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core, and Angular, making it easy to use and integrate with existing systems. ABP Framework offers multi-tenancy support, which enables developers to create software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications with ease. Additionally, ABP Framework provides a modular architecture that allows developers to easily swap out, extend or replace different components of an application. Overall, ABP Framework provides a comprehensive solution for rapidly building robust and scalable web applications.

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How to use ABP Framework

ABP Framework is an open-source development platform that provides a robust infrastructure for creating modern web applications. To use ABP Framework, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Install the ABP CLI: The ABP Command Line Interface (CLI) is a tool that allows you to create and manage ABP projects easily. You can install it using npm by running the following command:
npm install -g @abp/cli
  1. Create a new project: Once you have installed the ABP CLI, you can create a new project by running the following command:
abp new MyProject -t app-pro

This command creates a new project named "MyProject" based on the "app-pro" template. You can choose from various templates depending on your requirements.

  1. Run the project: After creating a new project, you can run it by navigating to the project directory and running the following command:
cd MyProject dotnet run
  1. Use the modules: ABP Framework comes with various pre-built modules such as Identity, Audit Logging, Permission Management, and many more. You can easily use these modules in your project by adding them to the application module. For example, to add the Identity module, you can run the following command:
abp add-module Volo.Identity
  1. Customize the application: You can customize the application by modifying the code generated by the ABP CLI. The application follows the best practices of software development and uses the latest web technologies such as ASP.NET Core, Angular, React, and Blazor.

In summary, to use ABP Framework, you need to install the ABP CLI, create a new project using one of the templates, run the project, use the pre-built modules, and customize the application to fit your requirements.

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