4-Tell is an e-commerce software company that provides personalized recommendations and product suggestions to retailers using the power of Artificial Intelligence. Their software analyzes customer behavior data and uses it to create personalized product recommendations, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and other targeted marketing strategies. By leveraging AI algorithms, 4-Tell can provide retailers with a better understanding of their customer's preferences and buying behaviors, helping them suggest products that customers are more likely to buy. This results in increased sales and revenue for the retailers, as well as improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition to personalized recommendations, 4-Tell also offers a range of other features designed to improve the overall shopping experience for customers, such as search functionality, product bundling, and email marketing campaigns. By providing retailers with these advanced tools, 4-Tell helps them stay ahead of the competition and deliver a more engaging and personalized shopping experience.

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23 Companies using 4-Tell

Music Direct

1,834$21K - $31K$294K united states ..28%
Next Adventure Inc

Inform. Outfit. Excite.

55$40K - $8K$61K united states ..75%
Carbide Processors

1$2K - $25K$44K united states ..81%
Deny Designs

34$25K - $23K$93K united states ..35%
music direct

specialists in audio equi..

16$30K - $10K$294K united states ..2%
Lip Ink International

7$33K - $17K$85K united states ..68%
Maple Hill Golf

everything golf for less...

65$39K - $36K$53K united states ..17%
Centerlen Services

Providing restaurant part..

5$37K - $13K$80K united states ..50%
Vintage King Audio

the pro audio outfitter f..

86$26K - $33K$418K united states ..89%
Fun and Function

creating sensory tools, s..

55$24K - $12K$109K united states ..30%
CultTVman's Hobbyshop

CultTVman's Hobbyshop spe..

1$24K - $8K$90K united states ..36%
Home Chocolate Factory

creative inspiration for ..

8$12K - $38K$79K united kingdom..15%

33$48K - $18K$91K united states ..38%
Canadian Northern Shield ..

18$11K - $7K$79K canada54%
Hoosier E Cig

-$15K - $24K$78K united states ..92%

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How to use 4-Tell

4-Tell is an ecommerce software company that offers AI-powered personalization and recommendation products for retailers. These products can help retailers improve their customer experience, increase sales, and reduce cart abandonment rates.

To use 4-Tell, retailers will need to sign up for an account and integrate the software with their online store. Once integrated, the software will begin collecting data about customers' browsing and buying behaviors.

Using this data, 4-Tell's AI algorithms will create personalized recommendations for each customer. These recommendations could include related products, complementary items, or products frequently bought together.

Retailers can then display these recommendations on their website, in email campaigns, or even in their physical stores. By providing customers with personalized recommendations, retailers can improve the overall shopping experience and increase the likelihood of making a sale.

Additionally, 4-Tell's software can also be used to create targeted email campaigns. By analyzing customer data, the software can determine which products each customer is most interested in and create customized emails featuring those products.

Overall, using 4-Tell can help retailers increase sales, reduce cart abandonment rates, and improve the overall customer experience. By leveraging the power of AI, retailers can provide customers with personalized recommendations and targeted email campaigns that are tailored to their unique interests and preferences.

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