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Xserver is a web service provider that specializes in web hosting, web application development, and internet-related services. They offer resources and infrastructure to host websites and web applications on their servers. This includes providing server space, bandwidth, and other necessary features for running websites. Xserver also offers support for domain registration, email services, and database management.

As a web hosting company, Xserver allows individuals and businesses to make their websites accessible on the internet. They offer different hosting plans and packages tailored to meet the needs of various users. These plans often include features like FTP access, SSL certificates, website builders, and one-click installation of popular content management systems like WordPress.

Additionally, Xserver may provide web application development services to clients who require custom-built web solutions. This can involve creating dynamic websites, e-commerce platforms, or web-based applications with specific functionalities.

Overall, Xserver plays a significant role in facilitating web presence and online operations by offering a range of services related to web hosting, web application development, and internet-related tasks.

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4,760 companies are currently using Xserver



最新のデジタル技術と人・企業を繋ぐhubとなり よ..

18 Employees$26K - $34K$50K japan24%Export
Z-Works Inc.

z-works is an iot cloud p..

13 Employees$26K - $32K$86K japan25%Export
Ac-Planta Inc.

agri-biotech venture from..

6 Employees$39K - $16K$92K japan23%Export
Ridge-i (リッジアイ)


28 Employees$47K - $31K$71K japan69%Export
HoloAsh, Inc.

webelong: less toxic soci..

7 Employees$16K - $49K$61K united states ..83%Export

a japanese leading develo..

108 Employees$11K - $2K$95K japan70%Export

acrove is an e-commerce p..

31 Employees$5K - $32K$87K japan20%Export
New Life Ministries

your print ministry partn..

77 Employees$3K - $38K$97K japan49%Export
tripla Co., Ltd.

always be the first choic..

68 Employees$28K - $42K$53K japan48%Export
Japan Technology Group, I..

10 Employees$11K - $49K$94K united states ..39%Export

20 Employees$47K - $44K$59K united states ..90%Export
1515 Restaurant

41 Employees$1K - $19K$97K united states ..36%Export
LexxPluss, Inc.

accelerating industrial t..

35 Employees$50K - $29K$66K japan21%Export

realestate, construction ..

1 Employees$8K - $49K$74K united states ..99%Export

Tech Made Simple

72 Employees$20K - $15K$54K japan51%Export

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Using Xserver for finding leads

This page offers a comprehensive list of companies using Xserver technology. At its core, it provides valuable insights into organizations that leverage Xserver for web hosting, web applications, and internet-related services. This can be a goldmine of information for sales teams looking for leads.

Firstly, this list can be used to identify opportunities in the market. With companies already using Xserver, sales teams can recognise organizations that prioritize technology and innovation, indicating a potential need and budget for related services or products.

Secondly, this list provides context about potential clients. Knowing that a company uses Xserver informs about its approximate size and tech savviness. This helps to tailor sales pitches to a prospect's requirements based on their current technology stack.

Lastly, this information allows sales teams to take a targeted approach, saving time and resources. They can focus their efforts on appealing prospects that likely have a need for their product or service, rather than adopting a spray-and-pray approach.

In conclusion, this compilation of companies using Xserver offers a strategic advantage to those seeking leads. It enables a focused, informed, and effective lead generation and prospecting process.

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