Newspack by Automattic
Companies using Newspack by Automattic

Newspack is a platform created by Automattic that provides an all-in-one solution for small to medium-sized news organizations. The platform simplifies the publishing process and includes features to help drive audience engagement and revenue. With Newspack, news organizations can create and manage their website using templates designed specifically for publishers. Additionally, the platform includes tools to help with content creation and management, audience engagement, and monetization such as subscriptions, donations, and advertising. Overall, Newspack aims to provide a simple solution for news organizations to establish and grow their online presence without the need for extensive technical expertise or resources.

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300 companies are currently using Newspack by Automattic


Fort Worth Report

independent, paywall-free..

29 Employees$9K - $25K$86K united states ..33%Export
Block Club Chicago NFP

dedicated to delivering r..

43 Employees$17K - $37K$58K united states ..19%Export
Wisconsin Watch

wisconsin watch

24 Employees$32K - $39K$60K united states ..79%Export
QCity Metro

charlotte's premier onlin..

11 Employees$5K - $9K$75K united states ..62%Export
Signal Cleveland

local journalism serving ..

21 Employees$13K - $14K$84K united states ..70%Export
Music Ally

we are a knowledge compan..

35 Employees$10K - $9K$67K united kingdom..95%Export

connecting capital across..

24 Employees$19K - $42K$69K united states ..28%Export

journalism rooted in fact..

29 Employees$15K - $6K$56K united states ..29%Export
San Antonio Report

nonprofit journalism for ..

30 Employees$27K - $32K$84K united states ..84%Export
Capital B

news we need

24 Employees$43K - $20K$77K united states ..98%Export

tecnología, ciencia y cul..

19 Employees$27K - $31K$100K spain8%Export

noozhawk is the leading o..

27 Employees$39K - $36K$51K united states ..79%Export

your trusted, authentic, ..

11 Employees$35K - $22K$91K united states ..87%Export
Sahan Journal

telling stories that matt..

19 Employees$21K - $18K$88K united states ..96%Export
Haitian Times

the most authoritative vo..

35 Employees$43K - $10K$81K united states ..12%Export

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Using Newspack by Automattic for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing Newspack by Automattic is a valuable resource, providing crucial insights into various sectors. It aids in the identification of potential leads within small and medium-sized news organizations, easing the process of lead prospecting for sales teams.

This list represents the companies that value simplified publishing and are focused on driving audience and revenue growth. Consequently, it gives an indication of the sort of organizations that are open to technologies simplifying and enhancing their operational processes.

Sales teams can leverage this list in distinct ways. It offers a pre-vetted pool of potential customers already demonstrating openness to innovative solutions, hence making them potential candidates for similar, complementary or even competitive offerings.

Additionally, each organization on this list is potentially part of a broader network of similar companies. Access to this network could provide sales teams further opportunities to extend their reach into this specific market segment.

Moreover, understanding the needs and challenges of companies on this list allows sales teams to tailor their communications and offerings more effectively. Sales strategies can be fine-tuned based on the knowledge that these companies likely value modern, efficient technological solutions for news and content publishing.

In short, the list of companies using Newspack by Automattic is not just a simple catalog. It's a springboard for sales teams, offering them valuable insights into a specific segment of the market and simplifying their lead prospecting process, ultimately aiding in the generation of higher quality leads.

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