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Wuilt is an innovative platform that enables individuals and businesses in the Arab world to easily create professional websites and ecommerce stores. It is the first of its kind in the region, providing ready-made templates and tools to simplify the website building process. With Wuilt, users can quickly design and customize their websites without the need for extensive coding or design knowledge. The platform offers a range of features and functionalities to enhance the user experience, including drag-and-drop functionality, pre-designed templates, and customizable elements. Wuilt empowers users to establish an online presence and showcase their products or services effectively.

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4 companies are currently using Wuilt



متخصصون في ما يخص البحرية..

1 Employees$24K - $28K$67K egypt27%Export
Almanar Hedico for Furnit..

1 Employees$45K - $11K$95K egypt26%Export

Memories in a flower.

3 Employees$1K - $24K$97K egypt7%Export

the first sustainable fas..

3 Employees$43K - $27K$89K egypt17%Export

Using Wuilt for finding leads

This curated list of organizations that utilize Wuilt, the first Arab platform of its kind for creating ready-made websites and ecommerce stores, presents a unique opportunity for sales teams to find high-potential leads.

Recognizing the businesses that have deployed Wuilt can yield rich insights into their preferences and requirements, particularly with regard to web development and online commerce. These businesses value user-friendly, accessible tools for building effective web presences, and are likely to be interested in complementary products or services in the same domain.

For sales teams offering digital solutions, this list can be a powerful tool for lead qualification. Exploring the companies using Wuilt, they can identify leads that have a high chance of conversion since the identified businesses have already demonstrated a commitment to leveraging sophisticated digital tools.

Additionally, the list can inform the sales strategy, ensuring the teams approach these leads with relevant, personalized pitches. Understanding how these companies utilize Wuilt can guide the alignment of their product or service offerings, emphasising how they can enhance the lead's current website or ecommerce solution.

In summary, this exhaustive catalog of companies that use Wuilt is an invaluable resource for sales teams, aiding in the identification of prospective customers, refining the sales approach, and ultimately, increasing conversion rates.

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