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Companies using Wordfence Login Security


Wordfence Login Security is a WordPress plugin that offers additional security features for user authentication and login protection. The plugin includes a subset of security functionality from the full Wordfence plugin, such as Two-factor Authentication, XML-RPC Protection, and Login Page CAPTCHA.

Two-factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to the login process by requiring users to enter a unique code generated by an authenticator app or sent via text message. This helps prevent unauthorized access to user accounts.

XML-RPC Protection blocks access to the XML-RPC file used by WordPress for remote access and trackbacks, which can be exploited by hackers to launch attacks on a site.

Login Page CAPTCHA displays a challenge-response test to verify that the user is human and not a bot. This helps prevent automated scripts from repeatedly attempting to log in to a site with stolen credentials.

Overall, Wordfence Login Security provides essential security features to protect user accounts and prevent unauthorized access to WordPress sites.

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1,320 companies are currently using Wordfence Login Security


Selectequip Ltd

safety. welfare. wellbein..

32 Employees$10K - $22K$87K united kingdom..23%Export
Thames Valley Air Ambulan..

at the frontline of savin..

93 Employees$47K - $27K$96K united kingdom..37%Export
Wasatch Photonics

gratings enabling spectro..

61 Employees$24K - $27K$75K united states ..80%Export
Centria Tecnología - IT S..

en el mundo de la tecnolo..

23 Employees$30K - $18K$66K spain41%Export
Kinect Solar

buy. sell. ship. store. |..

31 Employees$35K - $19K$100K united states ..3%Export
Information Shield Securi..

simplifying cyber securit..

6 Employees$12K - $30K$90K united states ..78%Export
Salcombe Brewery

we are salcombe brewery. ..

15 Employees$2K - $23K$57K united kingdom..33%Export
Taitus Software Italia s...

technology for space appl..

6 Employees$33K - $25K$70K italy67%Export
Ashleigh & Burwood - The ..

we create high-quality, e..

44 Employees$21K - $8K$90K united kingdom..2%Export
Altered Images Ltd

we are one of the uk's ma..

33 Employees$18K - $35K$93K united kingdom..96%Export
American Bright Optoelect..

leds from the ground up! ..

16 Employees$47K - $29K$81K united states ..10%Export
Kids Health First Pediatr..


21 Employees$24K - $9K$80K united states ..42%Export
Earthlink Technologies Pv..

simplifying solutions | c..

15 Employees$2K - $38K$95K india72%Export
Boann Distillery

boann distillery is a fam..

17 Employees$36K - $6K$50K ireland97%Export

beter veilig!

20 Employees$35K - $48K$77K netherlands73%Export

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Using Wordfence Login Security for finding leads

This list of companies using Wordfence Login Security offers an invaluable resource for sales teams looking to target businesses prioritizing secure login features. As this technology focuses on two-factor authentication, XML-RPC protection, and login page CAPTCHA, harnessing a list of users can help identify prospects who value online safety and robust security measures.

By knowing which companies utilize Wordfence Login Security, sales teams can tailor their strategies to these security-conscious businesses. This list affords a deep understanding of the customer base. By seeing the type, size, and industry of these organizations, sales teams can gather valuable insights into patterns and trends. This knowledge aids sales reps not only in personalizing their outreach but also in accurately predicting prospective leads which results in more productive conversations.

Moreover, the companies on the list have already shown an interest in enhancement of login security mechanisms, indicating potential openings for related security products or services. Thus, if a solution aligns with a company's apparent dedication to improved security measures, there's a higher likelihood of opening dialogue and securing the sale. Given the specificity of this list, the chance of connecting with a potential lead increases as opposed to casting a wide, non-targeted net. This focused approach supports efficiency and can greatly boost sales team outcomes.

In addition, businesses that emphasize login security like Wordfence may likely be responsive to other advancements in cybersecurity. This presents an opportunity for sales teams offering complementary solutions or modernization services. For cyber insurance providers, hardware manufacturers specializing in secure servers, or companies providing employee security training, the list becomes essential.

In summary, a list of companies employing Wordfence Login Security can be a strong lever for sales teams. It highlights prospects who are security-focused, helps in tailoring effective sales strategies, indicates potential upsell opportunities, and can enrich the lead generation process. The result is a more streamlined, targeted, and successful sales pipeline, fostering work efficiency and enhancing potential revenue.

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